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Computer Building & Upgrades
Is your computer not fast enough or too old?
Custom PC
Then maybe Then it's time with an upgrade!
You may even want to make a new computer.
My goal is to teach you ways to build and/or upgrade your personal pc, at a fraction of the items it might
cost to purchase an entirely assembled system from the leading manufacturer.
Let me have the suggestions concerning to obtain the necessary parts to develop your personal
Catalog ordering is certainly a good way to get parts & accessories and in most cases they will be friendly
knowledgeable people to assist you with you buy the car.
Just make sure you deal with an established business.
Another great location to go can be your local computer show.
Many bargains is available there especially when you buy with cash.
You can even take a look at computer & electronic stores.
Wherever you will get your computer parts & accessories, be sure you shop around for top deals and
obtain the designers written warranties.
The tools you will want are 1 (one) Phillips and a pair of (two) Flathead non-magnetic screwdrivers.
Before you begin I must explain how electronic circuits are static sensitive there are some precautions
you have to observe.
Keep circuit boards in their antistatic bags until these are able to be installed.
Before handling components discharge your own body's static electric charge by touching a grounded
A great way to do this is to plug the computer case into an outlet and touch any unpainted part of the
When handling circuit boards.
Avoid touching any components on the boards and connectors that plug into the expansion slots.
Hold them by their edges and/or any metal mounting hardware around the circuit board.
Never slide boards over any surface as they can sustain irreversible damage.
Avoid plastic, vinyl, Styrofoam, furs and carpet with your office.
You should wear a grounding wrist strap.
Make certain all components are near room temperature.
There are several types of compatible computers (often known as PC's).
They are as follows:
Older models referred to as AT socket 7, and newer ATX slot 1 type models.
The SOCKET 370 is the one other type which is similar in look for the old socket 7 however with speeds
more than 1 GHZ and beyond.
Ensure you buy a case, power, motherboard and CPU which are works with the other.
Ask your profits person to be sure.
Should you be upgrading your present system create a diagram in the internet connections in the back
of the machine unit so you can replace them correctly if you are finished.
First you must ground yourself by touching the unpainted metal chassis.
Then unplug the A/C electrical cord and then for any other cables which might be connected.
By exploring the back with the unit, locate approximately 6 screws on the outer edges and take off them.