Connect with Tricor World Wide

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Connect with Tricor World Wide
As your business grows, the need for your business will also increase. Of course, more and more things
must be considered such as business advisory, entity information, corporate governance, corporate
administration & secretarial, accounting & financial reporting, and many others. As the owner, you are
unlikely to leave the company’s core business to handle anything else. Thus, at this point, you’ll
definitely require some assistance.
Because not all parts of your business can be handled by yourself, so you need another party who can
support the development of your business. Tricor Group is there for you. Tricor Group is a global,
industry-leading provider of integrated business, corporate and investor services. Tricor Group provides
outsourced expertise that can help you handle anything besides your core business. Be in cooperation
with Tricor Group, so that you can focus your effort on what you do bestbuilding your business.
Tricor Group provides a comprehensive range of services, including the following: business advisory;
company formation; corporate governance, corporate administration & secretarial; trust & fiduciary
services; accounting & financial reporting; payroll, payment & treasury administration; services for new
issues / initial public offerings (IPO) & registry management; tax services; China entry & consulting;
executive search; management consulting; human resource consulting; and fund administration. All the
business services are done by professional specialists in their respective field.
Starting from the year 2000, Tricor Group started to provide Hong Kong business service, eventually
known as a Hong Kong company formation specialist, among others services. And until now, Tricor
Group has a great number of clients from the Asia Pacific, Americas, and Europe. All the business
services that provided by Tricor Group are services that revolve around a great deal of experience. Tricor
Group has accumulated lots of experience in these business services. Tricor has helped investors and
IPO services to over 1,000 listed companies in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Tricor also provides
services to another 500+ public companies in Singapore and Malaysia. That’s why until now Tricor have
30+ offices that span across Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas, and headquartered out of Hong
Kong. Having trust from around the world is an achievement that Tricor Group has achieved.
If you join Tricor Group, you will also get a chance to work with Tricor Group current associates,
including certified labor and social security attorneys, accountants, immigration lawyers, company law
experts and tax accountantsin business, learning from each other is an essential part of the journey.
This is a form of Tricor Group’s dedication to all its clients who have trusted the Tricor Group, and this is
to prove that Tricor Group is really helping you to advance your career.
Tricor Group has catered their services for small, mid-sized, and large operations. Tricor Group also
creates a specialized approach for every organization. This is because each of these segments has
unique requirements and characteristics. Tricor Group can adjust it and will maximise the value Tricor
Group can bring to every organization. See how Tricor Group can work with all client very well through
client testimonials in Tricor Group website.