Consider Laser Liposuction in Manhattan

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Consider Laser Liposuction in
Laser liposuction treatment is highly effective in removing excess fat deposits and
attaining an attractive body contour. Manhattan, NYC, is an ideal place for the
surgery as it is easy to find an established plastic surgery practice offering advanced
laser lipo treatment procedures here.
Liposuction surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures today. It
helps men and women achieve an attractive and more youthful looking body
contour. Many cosmetic surgery facilities in the US offer this procedure. Manhattan,
NYC, is an ideal place for the laser liposuction surgery as it is easy to find an
established plastic surgery practice offering advanced liposuction treatment
procedures here.
Benefit from Advanced Liposuction Surgery
Accumulation of excess fat in specific body parts and flabby skin can adversely
affect your entire appearance and your level of confidence. It is usually women,
more than men that tend to accumulate excess in specific areas of the body. When
regular exercise and strict diets fail in removing these stubborn fat deposits,
liposuction surgery is the ideal option. By opting to have laser liposuction surgery in
Manhattan, you can benefit from safe and effective treatment performed using
advanced technology. The plastic surgeons in renowned plastic surgery centers in
this location have vast experience and can provide safe liposuction procedures by
efficiently utilizing the new and innovative SmartLipo Triplex body sculpting
device, which offers an enhanced body contour with minimal discomfort and risk.

Cynosure's SmartLipo Triplex is an FDA approved device which delivers laser
energy to dissolve fat and simultaneously coagulate blood vessels and tighten loose
skin. The device utilizes three wavelengths in one laser output-1440, 1320 and 1064
nm - and allows the surgeon to treat even the most delicate parts of the body more
safely and with greater precision as compared to conventional liposuction
techniques. Incorporated with extended features and capabilities, the innovative
SmartLipo Triplex laser lipolysis device makes it easier to perform abdominal laser
etching (six pack) and hi definition laser liposuction procedures as well.
The advanced laser liposuction surgery procedures using SmartLipo Triplex
eliminate excess fat deposits that are resistant to conventional fat reduction
techniques, rigorous diets and exercise. This laser liposuction surgery has proven
highly effective in removing stubborn fat accumulations from body areas such as:
* Thighs
* Abdomen
* Knees and hips
* Neck
* Upper arms
* Buttocks
* Back
* Chin
* Face
* Male Breasts
* Bra strap
* Ankles
* Mons Pubis

* Waist
Minimal Downtime and Speedy Recovery
The major advantage of laser liposuction surgery over conventional liposuction
methods is that it involves minimal pain and discomfort. Moreover, this surgical
procedure along with helping effective fat reduction also ensures proven tissue
coagulation and skin tightening, as well as more obvious body contouring results.
This treatment can be done as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. New
and advanced liposuction surgery procedures offered in Manhattan ensure the
following benefits:
* Reduced treatment time and less downtime
* Fast recovery
* Minimal scarring
* Minimal pain and discomfort
* High-definition sculpting capabilities
* Reduced surgical trauma
Ensures Personalized Care and Comfort
Laser liposuction is certainly a breakthrough body contouring procedure, and will
continue to draw the attention of more people as a result of the host of advantages it
offers. Once you decide to have your liposuction surgery performed in Manhattan,
set up a preliminary consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon in a reputable
plastic surgery practice. It is important to have an open discussion with the doctor
about your specific body contouring requirements, and to enquire about the results

that can be expected, recovery time, when you can resume routine activities and
other related information.
Availing of liposuction treatment options offered by an established plastic surgery
facility in Manhattan would definitely enable you benefit from more effective and
apparent body contouring results in a short time. The expert plastic surgeons in such
facilities would also provide personalized care throughout the treatment phase and
maintain high standards of excellence and professionalism.
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