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Can Tinnitus Be Prevented?
Do Not Place Objects Such As Cotton Swabs (Q-Tips) In Your Ear To
Clean The Ear. This Can Cause A Wax Impaction Against Your
Eardrum Which Can Cause Tinnitus. Take Blood Pressure Medicines
And Other Prescribed Medications As They Are Ordered By Your
According To The American Tinnitus Association There Are Several
Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself From Excessive Noise Related
Protect Your Hearing At Work. Your Work Place Should Follow
Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations.
Wear Ear Plugs Or Earmuffs And Follow Hearing Conservation
Guidelines Set By Your Employer.
When Around Any Noise That Bothers Your Ears (A Concert, Sporting
Event, Hunting) Wear Hearing Protection Or Reduce Noise Levels.

Even Everyday Noises, Such As Blow Drying Your Hair Or Using A
Lawnmower, Can Require Protection. Keep Ear Plugs Or Earmuffs
Handy For These Activities.
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