Cookiejoy T300's product specifications

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Cookiejoy T300
The Most Compact Design
Trendy touch UI
LG Zap Box
Powerful multimedia entertainment
Intuitive & simple social networking

Cookiejoy T300 - Small, compact & fully-loaded
1 The most compact Design
Powerful Multimedia
3 Entertainment
Slim, small &narrow size.
LG Zap Box
Looks like a cool accessory
1.3MP Camera & Video recording.
Trendy & two-tone color design
Equalizer for various music Genre
The Trendy Touch UI
MP3,FM &FM Recording
2 6.09 cm screen
3.5mm universal jack
Intuitive & simple fun UI.
4 Easy Social Networking
Resistive touch screen
Dedicated social networking feature.
Faster & instant Communication
5 Opera Mini browser.
Online widget support
Oxford dictionary
Email, embedded Instant messenger.
Virtual Qwerty Keyboard
Threaded SMS

The most compact-ever Design
Small, Slim & Narrow design
• Cookiejoy is as slim & small as 95.8x50.5x11.9mm
•Feels like cool accessory in hand
Front: Compact
Middle: rounded
Young & Casual Color Mix &

• The trendy two tone color match will
never let you miss your fashion

Touch the world of small wonders
6.09cm LCD touch Screen
Intuitive & Simple User Interface
• Fully restructured screen of 6.09cm.
• Ease of use with resistive touch screen.
• Ideal for watching movies, pictures,
• Customize your home screen with
playing games, & browsing web
widgets with simple drag & drop.
Cartoon UI
Handwriting Recognition
• Accentuate the user experience for fun
•Escape the hurdle of typing virtual keys for
with cartoon UI
messaging. Use handwriting recognition.

Powerful Multimedia Entertainment
1.3MP Camera
• Click clear & vivid pictures with 1.3 MP camera
•Enhanced camera feature like continuous
mode, night mode & white balance make it
•Video record memorable moment & playback
whenever you feel.
Tune into your Favorite music
• Listen to your favorite MP3 songs and
MPEG4 videos.
• Record & Store all your songs using a
Micro SD card.
• Tune into FM & record songs as per your

Powerful Multimedia Entertainment
LG Equalizer for various music Genre:
•Enjoy the high quality music experience with
unique LG equalizer.
•Select the different equalizer for different
oNo style
oBass boost
• Take your music experience to greater height
with 3.5mm Jack.

Powerful Multimedia Entertainment
LG Zap Box
How to download free 10 full length songs?
SMS ‘LG’ to 54646.
User gets a wap link
Zap box widget
User to click on Wap link.
In the backend, system recognizes the Model.
SMS is sent to the consumer informing him that LG zap box is
active for free download.
Consumer can click on ‘Zap box’ widget and download 10 full
length songs of his/ her choice.

Stay Connected 24x7
Dedicated Social Networking

• Always Stay connected with your friends
& loved ones 24x7 with preloaded SNS like
Facebook, Twitter, MySpace .
• Get instant face book update on your
screen so no need to log in every time to
check your updates.
Customize & Shortcut SNS at
Home Screen
• Use SNS widget for quick access
* Launch color- Black & red. This shot has been used for only screens

Text & Talk With Fun
Threaded SMS & Instant Messaging
• Instant Messaging with friends without
clicking send button.
• Conversation style easy and fast
• Send instant email through the direct
email icon without logging each time of
Virtual Qwerty Keypad
• Quick & Easy messaging through
Touch screen UI converting into virtual
Qwerty Keypad
* Launch color- Black & red. Shots on this page have been used for only screens