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COPYBUILDER - Electrify Your Content For a
Flood Of Sales
Homepage: Copy Builder Official Page
Product Name: Copy Builder
Type of Product: Template Based (SAAS) Framework
Authors: Precious Ngwu & Alex Costan
Target niche: Any type of video script, sales copy, facebook ads copy,
teespring copy ... and MORE with just a few clicks of a mouse.
Official Price: $67
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Using proven templates that has been written by the BEST minds of industry responsible
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You will never to have to worry about WHAT to write and HOW to write that actually sells.
Heck, you could be a total NEWBIE and yet you would be churning out PRO level copy in
seconds without paying a fortune!
It’s an all in one tool that can be used in any industry.
Need a video script that LITERALLY talks with your visitors and makes them watch your
video from start to end?
Or how about writing a sales page that is literally gonna HYPNOTIZE your visitors forcing
them to take their credit cards out for you without them even realizing it!
CopyBuilder does all of above with just few clicks of your mouse.
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