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After gaining popularity stock photography gets
its different categories. It has been divided into
different classes according to their use &
purpose. Different rules are made for each of
the category.
trailer production music

Stock Photos: Images bought for specific use from a professional
photographer or an agency are simply called the stock trailer production
music photos The price for image is decided by its use It is calculated
by, where and for how long image will be used

That means placing the photos in a crowded city or region will increase
its price, where more people would be able to see it A A Right-Managed
Stock Photos: Right-managed stock photos are carefully selected and are
licensed for each time they are used Photos you buy for a specific use at
a specific price

Price of the Image depends on how you want to use the picture This
includes the place or location for the image, whether it is on the web, as a
print or you want to use it in public hoardings The concept of right
managed can be easily understood withA the help of taking an example
of borrowing someones car for your use on rent basis or you can take
example of renting your house for a particular person making sure that he
only lives there

Rights-Managed stock photography provides us more security regarding
the exclusive use of images Royalty-Free Stock Photos:A Royalty-Free
stock photos provides its owner or buyer the rights to use an image in an
unlimited number of ways with a single time license fee Thus a buyer
can use the image in several projects without having to purchase an
additional license

Pricing for the image is not decided by location or place as in case of the
rights-managed, its price is decided with the help of image size & its
resolution That means bigger the size of the image higher would be the
price for it Higher the quality & resolution also adds to its price

It makes it very economical if we wanted to use these photos for the
web, which will makes it lower in size, hence cheaper However there is
only one time license agreement which means someone else can also
use that same image at other later The drawback of using royalty-free
photos is that it can be purchased more than one time by people

The photo you choose for your website may be already been used by
another person on his site Whereas right managed stock photos assures
the exclusive use for the licensed image

trailer production music