Corporate Art for Work’s Interior Design

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Corporate Art for Work's Interior Design

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Businesses are equated to money. There is
money gained and money invested. The work
office is where money dwells of whether the
financial status is a credit or a deficit. Either or,
the entrepreneur cannot dress-up his supposed
to be fortune-abode with drapes, ruffles, and
ribbons not unless the aforementioned are
what the business operates. It needs to be a
corporate art, in the strictest sense of the word.

What is a corporate art? Let us define it as an
aesthetic expression and representation of the
nature of the business in an art form. Without
this, the work ambiance is dull, uninspiring, and
will give an impression that the work place is all
about getting money sacrificing beauty and
feelings. The work arena of whether it is at
home, a nook somewhere or a glass tower
should give a vibe of positive and healthy
working atmosphere. It needs to be
motivational. However, as opposed to other
belief that corporate art needs to directly
represent the nature of the business is not
applicable at all times. Yes, there are pop arts
that could exactly say what the business
markets or in a more frank term, sells. A food
chain corporation can display wall painting of
food that will make the visiting clients starve or
that will give a potential investor a subliminal

effect of craving for food realizing in return the
potential success of the business but most of
the time, corporate art is all about interior
For a work-from-home mom, she has to make
sure first that the ambiance of her house will be
conducive to work. She may not put an
expensive wall painting in front of her or place
a giant bronze statue in her lawn but she will
make sure that wherever angle she throws her
glance is well-kept and pleasing to her eyes.
Otherwise, her work is a mess or if not, she may
still deliver an excellent work yet within her is a
dissatisfied lonely worker which goes the same
with those who land a job outside staying at a
place not conducive enough to work.
Corporate interior cannot just be wall-sized
blinds and a dull-color floor carpet. There has

to be something that will catch the workers' as
well as the visiting customer's eyes. And just
like any interior designing at home which needs
to fit in to the lifestyle, then so is corporate art.
The business which nature of market revolves
around modern young ones need an interior
designing of more hip colors and designs. Mona
Lisa, no matter how elegant and expensive will
not work but surely will be an eye-stopper to
museums or major financial institutions. It is all
about the overall look of the place seen in the
first glance.