Countable And Uncountable Nouns

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  1. COUNTABLE AND UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS Explanation and exercises by Begonya Santiago
  2. Are these nouns countable or uncountable?
    • Uncountable.
    • There is some milk.
  3. coffee
    • Uncountable.
    • There is some coffee.
    • A cup of coffee or two cups of coffee.
  4. Hamburger.
    • Countable.
    • A burger.
    • One or two three burgers
    • There are some burgers.
  5. Cheese.
    • Uncountable.
    • There is some cheese.
    • A piece of cheese.
  6. Icecream.
    • Countable.
    • There are three icecreams.
    • There are some icecreams.
  7. Sausage.
    • Countable.
    • A sausage.
    • There is a sausage.
    • Two sausages.
    • There are some sausages.
    • There is a hot dog.
    • Two hot dogs.
  8. Biscuit.
    • Countable.
    • A biscuit.
    • Two biscuits.
    • There is a biscuit.
    • There are some ginger biscuits.
    • There aren’t any chocolate biscuits.
  9. Chair.
    • Countable.
    • A chair.
    • There is a chair.
    • There are some chairs in this class.
  10. Sofa.
    • Countable.
    • A sofa.
    • Two sofas.
    • There is a sofa in my house.
    • There aren’t any sofas in this class.
  11. Banana.
    • Countable.
    • There is a banana.
    • There are some bananas.
    • There are two bananas.
  12. Strawberry.
    • Countable.
    • There is a strawberry.
    • Three strawberries. There are three strawberies.
    • There are some strawberries.
    • There isn’t any cream.
  13. Lemon, orange and tomato.
    • All are countable.
    • A lemon, an orange a tomato.
    • Two or three lemons, oranges and tomatoes.
    • There are some lemons and some tomatoes and some oranges but there aren’t any carrots.
  14. A, an, some and any.
    • We use A with countable nouns: a pear, a peach, a tomato, a sofa.
    • We use AN when the words starts with a vowel: an orange, an umbrella.
    • We use SOME with countable and uncountable nouns ( without specifying the exact number)in affirmative sentences: some milk, some potatoes, some sugar, some books, some cds.
    • We use ANY with countable and uncountable nouns in negative and interrogative sentences: any coffee, any chairs, any furniture.
  15. Read the following examples.
    • There are some tomatoes.
    • There are some melons.
    • There some cucumbers.
    • There are some oranges
    • There aren’t any onions.
    • There isn’t any milk in the greengrocer’s.
    • There isn’t any sugar in the greengrocer’s.
  16. Make sentences about the picture using the following words: pan, fridge, table, kitchen cloth, spoon, milk, salad, window, oven, girl...