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AOE-AOK-TC Counter Units
If you are attacked by...
Counter with...
Barracks Units and their counters:
Archers, Scorpions, Cav Archers, BB towers, Hand Cannoneers,
Champion Line
Saracen Mamelukes, Aztec Jaguar Warriors, Byz Cataphracts,
Champions, Archers, Cav archers, Scorpions, BB towers, Keep
Halberdier line
line, Hand Cannoneers, Saracen Mamelukes, Aztec Jaguar
Warriors, Byz Cataphracts
Champions, BB Towers, Hand Cannoneers, Saracen
Eagle Warriors
Mamelukes, Aztec Jaguar Warriors, Byz Cataphracts, (Paladins),
(Goth Huskarls)
Archery Range Units and their counters:
Skirmishers, Siege Onagers, BB Towers, BB Cannons, Keep
line, Paladin line, Eagle Warriors, Goth Huskarls
Anything excluding archery, Monks, and Korean War Wagons
Skirmishers, Siege Onagers, Towers, Eagle Warriors, Goth
Cav Archers
Paladin line, Archers, Cav Archers, Siege Onagers, Towers,
Hand Cannoneers
(Scorpions), (Skirmishers)
Stable units and their counters:
Halberdier line, Champion line, Paladin Line, Camel line, Massed
Scorpions, (Hand Cannoneers), Janniserries, (Eagle Warriors),
Hussar line
Towers, Cavalry Archers, Saracen Mamelukes, Byz Cataphracts,
(Persian Elephants), (Teutonic Knights)
Halberdier line, Camel line, Saracen Mamelukes, BB Towers,
Paladin Line
Halberdier line, Saracen Mamelukes, Teutonic Knights, (Eagle
Camel Line
Warriors), (Champions), Towers, Massed Scorpions
Siege Workshop Units and their counters:
Anything but archery
Anything hand to hand
Onager line, Ram Line, Paladins, UU Archery, Eagle Warriors,
Goth Huskarls, Towers
Monk counters:
Anything fast or with range
( ) means works but not really considered a counter

AOE-AOK-TC Unique Unit Counter Units
If you are attacked by...
Counter with...
Unique units and their counters:
Archers, Cav Archers, Hand Cannoneers, Saracen Mameluke, Towers,
Aztec Jaguar Warrior
(Paladins), Byz Cataphracts, Scorpions
Siege Onagers, Paladins, Eagle Warriors, Goth Huskarls, Korean War
Briton Longbowmen
Paladins, Saracen Mameluke, Camel line, BB Towers, Mongolian
Byz Cataphract
Paladin, Aztec Jaguar Warriors, UU Archery, Massed Scorps, Towers,
Celtic Woad Raider
Byz Cataphract, Cav Archers, Hand Cannoneers, Teutonic Knight,
Saracen Mameluke
Skirmishers, Onagers, Eagle Warriors, Goth Huskarls, Paladins, British
Chinese Chu Ko Nu
Longbowmen, Towers, Korean War Wagons
Paladins, Onager line, Archers, Hand Cannoneers, (Saracen
Frankish Throwing Axemen
Mamelukes), Byz Cataphracts, Cav Archers, Towers, Scorpions,
(Teutonic Knights), Persian War Elephants
Champion Line, Hand Cannoneers, Paladins, Aztec Jaguar Men, Byz
Goth Huskarls
Cataphracts, BB Towers, Saracen Mamelukes, Frankish Throwing
Paladins, Camel Line, Goth Huskarl, Halberdier line, Cav Archers, UU
Hun Tarkan
Archers, Cav Archers Hand Cannoneers, Towers, Scorpions, Frank
Japanese Samurai
Throwing Axemen, Saracen Mameluke
Korean War Wagon
BB Towers, Siege Onagers, Camel line, Skirmishers, Trebuchets
Skirmishers, Eagle Warriors, Goth Huskarls, Brit Longbowmen,
Mayan Plumed Archer
Paladins, Onager line, Korean War Wagons
Skirmishers, Archers, Massed Onagers, Towers, Eagle Warriors, Goth
Mongol Mangudai
Huskarls, Korean War Wagon
Halberdiers, Monks, VERY Massed Scorpions, BB Towers, Saracen
Persian War Elephant
Saracen Mameluke
Onagers, Massed Scorps, Archers, Mongolian Mangudai, Towers
Spanish Conquistador
Towers, Archers, Cav Archers, Onager line
Teutonic Knight
Scorpions, Archers, Cav Archers, Hand Canoners, Towers
Archers, Cav Archers, Paladins, Onager line, Massed Scorpions
Turkish Janissary
Japanese Samurai, Archers, Cav Archers, Scorpions, Frank Throwing
Viking Berserker
Axemen, Saracen Mamelukes, Teutonic Knights, Hand Cannoneers,
Persian War Elephants, Towers
( ) means works but not really considered a counter