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WordPress Tutorials - This One Is A Must Have

Those venturing into the make money online working at home arena at some point early on will be
face to face with the task of creating a website. The preferred venue by far for this task is the use
of WordPress. WordPress is a blog tool and publishing platform. What that boils down to is that it's
kind of a plug and play type of thing that allows you to put your information in and by selecting the
publish now button makes your information look organized. That's a really simplified explanation
and once you dig into WordPress you'll know why.
Here's on of my biggest pet peeves about internet marketing; it's that everyone and their brother
will say you need to use WordPress yet very few are willing to go ahead and explain the ins and
outs of actually using it. It is seemingly very confusing if you've never had any experience with this
kind of thing and I have personally spent many hours reading and watching YouTube videos trying
to figure out just how to make it work properly.
However, an email recently came into my inbox that I almost deleted because the author made
this sound way to easy. The email contained information about a crash course in WordPress. I
thought about it a moment and decided to take a look at the offer. This crash course was created
by Joe Piteo and I'm here to tell you that I wish this had been available months ago. The course
contains thirty-nine short videos ranging anywhere from a few minutes to about ten minutes in
length. The topics covered range from understanding layouts to configuring to posting and
publishing and more. I put this product very high up in the must have category.
You see one of the biggest problems with making money online working at home is actually
getting your plane off the ground. Most of the courses designed to take you from nothing to
internet marketing hero in a very short period of time are big on concept and small on actual step
by step instruction. Don't get me wrong, concepts are great and necessary but they are not
enough to get the job done. Internet marketing is a concept as is setting up a WordPress website
but they are both nothing more than an exercise in futility without the proper step by step
The WordPress Crash Course comes in at a very minimal price point for the value given and does
take you step by step through the process of getting your site or sites up and running. Is that all it
takes to be successful, no. But it does get you over one big hurdle and on your way.
James Heid, like many others, found himself caught up in the recent economic turmoil and
concluded that a change was necessary. Wanting more control over his financial outcome he
decided to enter into the internet marketing arena. James extends an open invitation to to see what's going on in the internet marketing world.

Wordpress Crash Course
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