creating 3d imgs in blender!

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Hi guys, we see many 3d movies coming these days and its really fun
watching them. A month back when I was watching Digit T.V. they had a
short tutorial in between in which they taught how we can make 3d images
with photos. I apply the same technique to achieve a 3d effect with blender
renders so you can let your images have a depth and jump in out of your

You need:-

1. Blender (any version would do.)
2. An image editing program like GIMP or Photoshop.
3. 3d Glasses

Ok then if you have all of these then let’s get started.

1. Fire up blender, you should see the default cube go to the side view
(numpad 3) and shift the cube to 4 units along positive y-axis.

2. Add a sphere next or any other shape you like and shift to the left 4 units
along negative y-axis.

3. Add a monkey next, let it remain on the origin and add a subsurf modifier
to it and set it smooth. Repeat the same with the sphere.

4. Now go to the camera view (numpad 0), adjust the resolution of
image according to your need I chose 800x600 resolution. Adjust the
orientation of the monkey according to camera view and move the
objects little closer to each other.

5. Add a plane below (and scale it) if you like to get a floor and assign
materials as you like to objects. I used very simple material with just
diffuse color. You may also like to adjust the light settings. I added a
few lamps to get a soft shadow and increased the samples and Soft

6. Now here is where the actual part starts. Make sure the cursor is at origin,
select the camera and set pivot for rotating to 3d cursor.

7. Press R key to rotate and then press Z key to lock the rotation to z-axis
rotate 10 degrees to right hand side or just type 10 using numkeys and press

8. Now Render scene and save the rendered image in jpeg or png extension.

9. Go back to 3d view Press R key to rotate and then press Z key rotate 20
degrees to left hand side or just type -20 using numkeys and press enter.
Render the scene again and save the img.

10. You should have 2 images now which should look something like these:-

11. Now our work with blender is done. Now we will combine these to get a
3d image. Open GIMP or Photoshop and open both the images in it.

Note:-if your using GIMP then fastest way to get 1 image over is to open 1
image and then drag drop the second image over it. GIMP will copy the
image over the previous one automatically in a new layer.

For GIMP Users:-

12. Open GIMP and copy paste one image over other as you can see in note

13. Now select any layer from 2 I chose the first one because its selected by
default. Now go to colors>color balance and move the first slider all the way
to left (cyan).

14. Now select other layer. Now go to colors>color balance agin and move
it all the way to magenta.

15. Next, reduce the opacity of upper layer to 50% and your done.

Tada! Your 3d image is ready just put on 3d glasses and enjoy.

In next tutorial I will show you how to make a 3d movie using the same.

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