Credit repairing - Cleaning Your Credit Report

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Credit repairing - Cleaning Your Credit Report

Credit repairing - Cleaning Your Credit Report

An important factor that plays an important role in maintaining a clean credit report is actually the
contents of your credit report. The credit report is pretty much the story of your financial life,
contained in a detailed document.

The credit report carries the credit score, which is a numeric ranking usually between 300 and 850.
Several lenders use the credit score to help them decided whether you are worthy of a credit. More
so, the score is also used to determine your capability of paying a loan. The credit report is important
and cleaning or maintaining a good credit report is vital to your financial survival.

A Look inside the Credit Report

In a credit report, the first entry is normally your personal information. It includes your name, listed
telephone number/s, previous and current addresses, reported differences of your Social Security
Number, past and present employer and the date of birth.

The information regarding your credit accounts follows your personal information entry. This is also
listed in detail and normally includes loans, the maximum loan amount, and information of any joint
account holders or co-signers.

There are some states, wherein the credit report contains public record information. This
information can feature overdue payments, bankruptcies or other judgments in the court.

Cleaning your credit report - How to Start

Firstly, in order to clean your credit report, you will need to order a copy of the report. You must
determine what is out of date or inaccurate, after which you can submit a letter to the bureau
requesting fixes to the information.

Ordering a credit report can be easily done and accessible to everyone, since at least one free report
can be obtained by the consumer each year; this rule is also included under the FCRA or Fair Credit
Reporting Act. More so, the consumer is also allowed to obtain a free copy of his or her credit report
each year from each of the three major companies handling credit reporting, namely the Experian,
TransUnion, and Equifax.

Once you have obtained your report, review it carefully. Every detail must be inspected since
bureaus can sometimes confuse names, addresses or employers.

Additionally, it is important to perform a periodic check on the credit report. It is advisable to order a
copy of the report once a year and dispute any possible inaccuracies. Always take careful steps in
handling your payments and make sure not to make any late payments.

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