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Paramedic Services for Aeromedical Evacuation
As ace managers in turbulent times we have total 50 years of experience in handling emergency
situations. We have handled various operations for various organizations across globe without
any complaints and grievances.
On receiving intimation we take action within Australia. We address places like mine site
operations, Oil & Gas and Energy operations and globally if required. Our vertically integrated
service also includes private ambulance cover to hospital upon landing. Our staff is fully trained
for down wire and hazardous rescue operations with strong backgrounds in both military and
civilian special operations groups. We provide brilliant paramedic services when desirable.
They are useful in search and liberate operations. We are number one in giving incredible
offshore medical support. Our paramedic services will perform a thorough history and patient
examination before deciding on an appropriate treatment regime as agreed through our
Medical Director. We provide urgent response to corporate offices as well.
We also offer a holistic management process that identifies potential impacts that threaten an
organization. We provide aeromedical evacuation services as well. These services are required
when it is impossible to reach the victims through road ways. Aeromedical evacuation is
needed when people need to be removed from valleys; jungles and pathways are not formed.
Each air ambulance team is dual handled by a duo of a Physician, Retrieval Paramedics or an
Intensive Care flight nurse and will provide the highest level of in-flight ambulance care.
We provide personnel, staff like including doctors, nurses, paramedics, Medics and rescue
specialists to locations both across the Australia-Pacific region & globally everywhere. If you
would like to learn more about our services, please contact immediately and get your project
saved from damage.