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Just A Few - Hotels We Recommend For Your Croatia Holiday
Our dear friends, the lovely Blansa and Zelko who run Boutique Hotel Villa Andrea got in touch this week to let us know
about an exciting new offer they have. As well as their fabulous restaurant, Olive Tree, they have developed a fantastic
wine tasting experience in their cellar. The experience is made up of some of the finest wines of Croatia, together with
foods to specifically complement each flavour. This is a real treat and one we certainly can recommend as a memorable
part of any Croatia holiday. Croatian wine is one of the best kept secrets - they keep it all for themselves and exports
are minimal.

We've had some lovely feedback about one of our best kept secrets this week as well. The beautiful Hotel Saudade, in
unspoilt Gradac, which is about equidistant between Split and Dubrovnik. This is the first year we have featured this
hotel which we discovered last October when contracting for holidays in Croatia. It's just lovely and it seems to be the
staff which helps to make it. Service and quality are the bywords here as this genuine testimonial, just received, bears
Ref: Hotel Saudade - one word - fabulous. The hotel itself is obviously new and extremely comfortable but that is
dwarfed by the staff. Whilst the hotel is good, very good, the staff is without comparison. We were collected efficiently,
welcomed like long lost relatives and made to feel the most important people in Gradac. One half of us do not want to
let anyone else know about the hotel and keep it to ourselves and the other half wants to spread their worth far and
wide. We would recommend this hotel and the staff without reservation.
May we also make especial mention of your good self please Alison. Having been generous about the hotel staff we
would be delighted to express our gratitude for all your efforts to make this a memorable holiday which it certainly was
- thank you.

Another of our unspoilt gems has recently opened an elevator from road level to reception. When we first visited we
had to climb up close to 200 steps! So whilst it made for some stunning views, it was pretty hard work. This hotel Villa
Dvor appeals to those who like an outdoor-sy sort of holiday - walking, trekking, cycling and kayaking and canoeing are
all readily available here. Omis which is the nearest town has a great marina and plenty of bars and restaurants to
choose from. We think it has a real feel of an old French town with shady lime trees. Its also a great place for a two
centre holiday - spend the first part here, being energetic and then move on for week 2 for some R&R - why not Hotel
Saudade as above?