Cure Acid Reflux Pain Naturally

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Cure Acid Reflux Pain Naturally

Acid Reflux is a condition that afflicts millions of people all around the world. It can
dramatically inhibit your lifestyle. Even common everyday activities can result in increased
pain and discomfort.

A common mis-understanding is that Heartburn is related to heart disease. This is absolutely
not true. However, the pain associated with Acid Reflux can mimic a heart-attack. A burning
pain under the breast bone can feel like you are having a heart attack.

Heartburn is a digestive issue. The acids from the stomach travel up the esophagus, get past
the esophageal sphincter and burn the esophagus. It can also cause a bitter, foul taste in
your mouth. If you've ever burped up a harsh tasting acid then you have experienced Acid
Reflux. You can cure the pain naturally without harsh medications.

A common way to treat these symptoms is to buy over the counter antacids. These can work
temporarily, but lifestyle changes are required for real changes to occur. If you want to cure
acid reflux pain naturally you will have to avoid these medications.

Some of the common symptoms you can experience with over the counter antacids or
prescription medications include; diarrhea, nausea, constipation and gas. These medications
prohibit your body from effectively digesting the food by inhibiting stomach acids.

One of the most common reasons for heartburn is poor diet. Fast food and fatty food causes
your body to over produce acid to digest it. So reducing fat laden foods can have a dramatic
effect on your symptoms.In effect a lifestyle change is needed for you to prevent or at least
lessen its frequency.

Secondly, one other way to avoid heartburn is to avoid hard or real crunchy foods. These
foods are harder to digest. They will also increase acids in the stomach and cause damage
to your lower Esophageal sphincter or LES. The LES, where the sphincter is located takes a
beating from increased acids. It eventually lets the acids through and damages the pipe.
These are classic heartburn symptoms.

Thirdly, drinking more water will allow your acidity levels to drop and your body will produce
less stomach acid. Another great method is honey. It is an ancient remedy to cure acid reflux
pain naturally. It acts as a protective agent and allows the LED to heal.

Lastly, Aloe Vera juice is a great way to cure acid reflux naturally. It is an alkaline liquid made
from nature. It will neutralize the acids in your stomach and reduce the pain caused by

These are just a few home remedies to cure acid reflux pain naturally. With some life style

changes you can lessen the pain caused by acid reflux or heartburn. Trying natural remedies
first will allow your body to heal itself. If symptoms persist or you have acid reflux pain more
than 3 times a week you may have chronic acid reflux and a visit to your doctor is

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