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Marx has also tried to establish that the state is wheel of oppression of the poor and that it has
become a rotten institution. Mere a blow from the workers will collapse it. But again it has not
come true. Everywhere need and necessity of the state is being realized. It is now felt that the
state is not a necessary evil, but an absolute necessity. Every society is assigning more and more
functions to the state. It is today performing not compulsory but also optional functions and more
responsibilities About current Affairs.
Marx has said that the workers have no mother land or father land and as such they should rise
above such concepts. Their miseries all over are the same. But again that has not worked. The
workers everywhere are showing loyalties to their own country. They have not given up the idea
of father land or mother land. They have always stood by the side of their government, at the
time of difficulty and are trying to solve their problems at the national level.
Then Marx has tried to establish that the problems of the workers are such that these will not be
solved by peaceful methods and for that forces will be unavoidable. But again that has not come
true because in every state methods like arbitration, joint consultative machinery etc. have been
evolved which bring the employers and employees together on the same forum and they
amicably solve their problem. If necessary the help of the state is also sought. Not only this, but
the workers have been given the right to form trade unions and freedom of expression. The
representatives of the workers discuss their problems with their employers on equal
footings.According to Marx at present the capitalists are exploiting the workers. He is of the
view that in the society in which proletariats will come to power, there will be no exploitation,
but the question is as to what is the guarantee for that. May be that when the workers come to
power they may ruthlessly exploit the Current Affairs
In fact what Marx prophesied has come true. As already said that he has tried to over-simplify
everything. He did not realize that if the workers will unite, the capitalists too will come
together. If the former use violence, the latte cannot lag behind. If the workers can develop class
consciousness, the capitalists too can do with still great vigor. The capitalists will use all means
and methods to retain all powers with themselves. Not only this, but they will try to bring
disunity among the workers as well. But in spite of all the drawbacks of his philosophy it cannot
be denied that Marx brought a new life and vigor in the workers' movement. He awakened them
and today his philosophy is the basis of labor movement all over the world.