Cushion Cut Engagement Rings - A Diamond Pillow For Her Finger

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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings - A Diamond Pillow For Her
A cushion cut engagement ring is a unique kind of cutting process with regards to
the gemstone. This is an old design going way back to the 1870s and this kind of
cut was very popular during that time. When we say cushion shape or cut that
means it is a pillow shape cut. The clarity of the diamond or other gemstone in this
kind of style is highlighted.
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Now this kind of cut is considered an antique design. It has a romantic classic look
with generally four prong head setting. Ideally gemstones should be bigger in size
to look elegant. If you have this design, diamond gemstones are the best for this
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The design or shape of this cushion cut is kind of rectangular or almost square. It
is very elegant to look at and it costs a lot. The more brilliant the diamond, the
more expensive it will be. It has rounded corners with larger facets to enhance the
clarity and increase the brilliant sparkle of the diamond.
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Engagement ring prices vary with the gemstone that is used, the craftsmanship, the
setting of the ring and what kind of metal is used. There are lots of gemstones that
can be cut in this cushion shape. Such as sapphire, canary yellow diamond,
synthetic diamonds, rubies, emerald, etc.
Most cushion cut engagement rings are not available in all leading store. If you
want to have this kind of engagement ring, have it made to order for your own
choice and design. To be sure you will be satisfied with it. Just be sure that the
craftsmanship is well done and you can choose what metal to be used silver, gold,
platinum or two-tone (combination of silver and gold) in the setting.
Or you can choose to shop for cushion cut engagement rings online since they

have pictures in which you can see and choose. Some jewelry websites have
complete information on it. It is easier and convenient. If you are someone who
wants to see and touch it, you have to shop in the jewelry store in which you can
touch and scrutinize the ring with your own eyes.
Some men give unique engagement rings such the cushion cut to show to the girl
they love how unique his love towards her is. Such a romantic man. Although
there are also cushion cut engagement rings that are cheaper or have a lower price,
it all depends on the gemstone that will be used.
If you have the budget for the love of your life to be, then go for the cushion cut
engagement ring that has a good quality diamond and for sure, the girl of your life
will love you forever more.