Custom-designed vs. Theme-designed websites

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Custom-designed vs. Theme-designed websites
When you are considering a new website (or revamping an old one) it’s
imperative that you understand how the website is built. Your web developer
can create your website in two very distinct ways; they can build a custom-
designed website or a theme-designed (template) website.
While the aesthetic differences between these two options can be subtle, the
differences in cost, functionality, production and future maintainability are
A custom-designed website is one that is designed, built and coded from the
ground up with your business’ specific needs in mind. Building custom websites
requires a highly advanced skill-set and much more time. As a result, custom
websites are a bit more expensive at the outset.
Custom-designed vs. Theme-designed websites
A theme-designed website is one that uses an existing website with pre-
designed elements as a starting point. Skilled designers can then customise the
theme for your business. Creating websites this way drastically reduces the
amount of time needed to build a website and therefore the cost involved.
Budget aside for a minute, when you should get a custom-designed website?
If you have special features that you absolutely need for your website, then
going with a custom solution may be right for you. Some examples may
You need users to have unique logins where they can do things like view their
account, leave reviews, post to forums, etc.