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Custom Make Furniture Design
Commercial Refinishers can design and custom make furniture that will fit beautifully
in any worship space. Family owned and operated in eastern North Carolina, we are
known as leaders in church renovations and have been building quality church
furnishings for decades. Some of our services include church pew upholstery, seats &
pew backs, steeples, and stained glass fixtures. We use only the best wood for our
projects. Our master craftsmen are capable of creating, restoring and renovating any
type of church furniture to fit your needs and budget.

About Us
Salem Church Furniture and Commercial Refinishers is a family owned company
located in eastern North Carolina. We pride our selves on high quality workmanship
and attention to details. We have 30 years experience in new pew and refinish
projects, the most known Dr. Martin Luther King's Church, Ebenezer Baptist Church,
Atlanta, GA.
Pew Ends
Ends are made from solid appalachian red oak, dried to 7% moisture content.

Seats and Backs
Seats and Back of the fully upholstered pews are 3/4" thick west coast 7 ply
plywood for strength. We add solid poplar frame and round the row seat to allow
screws to be anchored into solid wood.
Pew Upholstery
Our crews can perform these services without removing pews from the sanctuary.
Interruption to a church service is avoided by this on site service.
Choose from an array of vibrant and conventional fabric colors and textures for your
church pew upholstery.

Stain Choices
Our fine quality church products are
available in many standard colors and
finishes. Choose from a variety of
beautiful stains: red mahogany, natural
oak, dark cherry, maple dark walnut and
more. Contact our office to discuss the
color matching process and select a color
for your church sanctuary furniture.
Used Pews
The cost for refurbishing and
recovering pews with fabric of your
choice is approximately $500.00-
$600.00 per pew, compared to
$900.00-$1100.00 for new pews.

Modernizing Sanctuaries
Commercial Refinishers has success at refinishing a churches existing pews
and building new pews of like kind, if the project is a new sanctuary, but
needs more pews for seating. This saves the church a hugh amount of money.

Stain Glass
Commercial Refinishers is known for our church and pew restoration, but we are
also equipped to work on your stained glass window restoration projects too.
While stained glass fixtures vary from church to church, our high standard
craftsmanship remains the same. Choose from modern day designs to traditional
stained glass styles. Contact our office to learn more!

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