Custom USB Flash Drive

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Creative Uses for Custom USB Drives

With the invention of devices like the Custom USB Drive, our world has changed
dramatically. Most households today probably have at least one computer but many have more
than one. All the more reason to have USB Flash Drive.

So many professionals, students, computer geeks and kids are using USB Flash Drives to take
their information with them on the go. Others have sensitive information on their computers and
cannot afford to lose it.

USB Flash Drives are getting to be as common a pencil or a calculator. They are used for
transferring data, sharing and storing files and data. They are also used for entertainment.

Storage capacity now is as large as 256 GB with improvements in size and price ongoing. Many
allow 1 million write or erase cycles and have a 10 year data retention cycle. USB Flash Drives
have come a long way and continue to step forward.

A C u s t o m USB Flash Drive can facilitate
your sales effort. Nothing gets the information
out there faster and more effectively than a
USB Flash Drive. It also cuts down on paper.
You can get your sales message out there
with a simple's that easy.

Information can be downloaded on to the drive

about your products and services. An auto-run

marketing message can position you to target the
audience that you need.

You can put files, music, photos, videos, employee information, student handbooks, tests and
other information on the drive.

Many home Hi-Fi and car stereo head units are now equipped with a USB port. This allows a
USB flash drive containing media files in a variety of formats to be played directly on devices
which support the format.

The music industry continues to release new music on USB flash drives. It's so exciting to be on
the ground floor of this transition because the possibilities are endless.

Critical medical information on a USB drive has been known to save lives. Ask any medical
institution who depends on USB Flash Drives to make information readably accessible to
doctors, nurses and other health professionals.

When you travel, what better way to bring
your files with you or keeps scans of important
travel documents?

If you are comparing the cost of USB's to the
price of CD's, you are comparing apples to
oranges. What is the cost of doing business in
this new age of technology? People want it

easy and portable. A USB Flash Drives
delivers it instantly.

They also make great employee and customer gifts. They are considered very high end but cost
so little to make. What better way to reward a staff member for a job well done or a customer for
their continued loyality and support?

What company doesn't love cutting their budget? Companies can significantly cut theirs by
placing multiple marketing brochures on a single USB drive.

They can also be used for fundraising and have successfully supplemented school and university
budgets, non-profits and other organizations. Talk to a USB company about your project. They
will listen and help you reach the financial objectives that you need to achieve.

New employee and student information can be
downloaded to provide instant access to important
information such as recruitment campaigns,

employee and faculty handbooks, lectures and

test, schedules, health plans, nearby restaurants, a
building or campus map to help them get to where
they need to be without getting lost, and other
information to make their orientation a breeze.

They also make great donor and Alumni gifts and help to outreach in the community where they
are located.

Creative agencies can present mulit-media portfolios with links to other web-based content.

As the recognition and potential of USB Flash Drives continues to increase, business
professionals will find innovative and ground-breaking ways to use them.

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