Customer Experience Management In The Retail Sector

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Customer Experience Management in the Retail Sector

If you are wondering whether your company has aptly developed a systematic customer experience
management strategy, then you are not alone. According to a recent Forrester research, in spite of the
widespread implementation and adoption. Numerous IT and business people say that they are not in the best
of the situation.

The companies and business people are struggling, as per a recent research by Forrester in the report
"Navigate the Future of CRM". The report doesn't just define the correct CRM and customer experience
management strategies but also about re-engineering consumer facing procedures where these processes
are not functioning well and struggling to acquire the apt technology to deal with the concerns. Keeping in
mind the purpose of the report, Forrester defined CRM as "The business processes and supporting
technologies that support the key activities of targeting, acquiring, retaining, understanding, and
collaborating with customers."

Retail is a booming sector now and with the advent of online shopping, intuitive customer experience has
gained prime focus. The retail industry is driven by customer attitudes and economic vitality. Today there is a
huge adoption of customer technology for instance Smartphone's, Facebook and digital music is re-shaping
customer expectations. Retail enterprises have a scope to cater these changing needs by setting way better
ways to cater to customers with advanced solutions that provide value, enhance consumer experiences and
maximize loyalty.

Today consumers themselves are generating the association between a brand and their clients. Consumer
experience needs to shape CRM strategies in the forthcoming days. Consumer-centric transformation
activities today are floundering as they concentrate to unclear and vague goals that are usually driven by the
internal stakeholders, within the silos for instance sales, marketing, support and the web channel instead of
the consumers. Hence, as a result, CRM initiatives moss the essential elements for consumers most often. A
successful CRM strategy that aims to focus on providing and implement apt customer experience
management will focus on the following aspects:

* Defining the intended experience
* Direct the all the employee initiatives as well as decision-making
* Guide the funding decisions and project prioritization

Today service providers of customer experience solutions clearly understand the consumer journey,
regardless of the industry vertical. They create industry specific applications; depending on a intuitive
experience to assist consumers navigate their interactions with the brand. They also anticipate the need,
streamline the experience and learn from every communication. Furthermore, every application is offered as
a cloud-based service and comprises of one or more channels, offers quick implementation, assisted by
managed services and integrate it to the back-end databases.

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