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Pantheon, Ezreal, Jax - popular gaming characters on customized t shirts are now available at
Teemomall at incredible discounts. Teemomall, a reputed online clothing and accessories store which
specializes in customized t shirts and other items, is offering sale of a special range of graphic design t
shirts, hoodies, iphone cases and mouse pads.
The latest games and characters are used as theme for a wide range of casual t shirts, hoodies and
accessories. Customers can browse through Jax t shirts with League of Legends graphic prints in
stunning colors. To have a complete range of such gaming accessories, customers simply need to type in
their favorite game or character keyword to find related items under it. Most Jax t shirts are on sale with
more than thirty percent discount.
Ezreal the Prodigal Explorer fans can find the same theme on vibrant colors in t shirts, iphone cases and
mouse pads. The Ezreal t shirts are available at great discounts and would be on sale for a limited period
of time. The accessories are at nominal rates and can be clubbed together in a single purchase to save
on shipping costs.
Pantheon t shirts come with luminous prints and there is a limited range of hoodies available at a great
bargain price. For fans of The Artisan of War, these are incredible gift items. For the coming summer
holidays, such casual wear would help fans to pledge their allegiance to their favorite game and do so in
Such discounted t shirts and accessories have free customization options on some items. Customers can
check out the customization features available and place their order online. Online orders can be
completed without subscription. Becoming a subscribed member allows one to fill in the shopping cart
and check out at their convenience. Payment methods are several on this site including payment
through Paypal, American Express, Visa and direct debit facilities with affiliated bank accounts.
Teemomall has its own retail store at Beaver Street, New York. For those who cannot make it to their
store, its online store provides easy access to interested customers who can shop at any time of the day
or night and place their orders online. Orders are processed within two to three business days and
deliveries made between one or two weeks from placement of order and as per shopping mode chosen
by customer. The expedited shipping mode is available for express deliveries made within three to six
business days.
A tracking number is assigned to every order for customers to know the status of delivery and enquire
about the same in case any queries arise. For exchanges or return of products, a return authorized
number is provided to the customer after receiving their complaint. Their order is exchanged or money
refunded as per the authorized number provided. Teemomall customer service can be accessed at
[email protected] Customers can log in at to view the latest range of Ezreal t
shirts or the themed accessories of Jax or Pantheon to place their orders and avail of the discounts
which are on for a limited time only.