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Brad Pitt gets a restraining order against serial prankster who hit him
Serial red carpet prankster, Vitalli Sidiuk just got onto the wrong side of the law.
The man who had been risking it for a while now by pulling off tricks on A league
celebrities at major Hollywood dos got busted for his last prank. Looks like he
didn't quite choose wisely.
The Ukrainian TV presenter who hit Brad Pitt right across the face at the LA
premiere of Maleficent has had a restraining order issued against him by the Los
Angeles Police Department.
Pitt, 50, sought an emergency protective order against 25-year-old Vitalii Sediuk
after he leaped over a fence at the "Maleficent" premiere and hit him, Los Angeles
Police Department spokeswoman Officer Wendy Reyes said.
Sediuk, who has pulled off similar pranks on Leonardo Di Caprio & Bradley
Cooper in the past, remained in police custody, pending payment of $20,000 bail.
Pitt was unhurt after being struck. The prankster has become infamous for crashing
celebrity red carpets and events, most recently breaching a red carpet at the
prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France to try and climb under actress America
Ferrera's dress as she posed for photographers, before he was ousted by security.