Daily Devotions for Engaged Couples Can Do Wonders

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Daily Devotions For Engaged Couples Can Do Wonders
I am a strong believer in daily devotions for engaged couples. Remember you are still single until you sign a marriage
license. However, what you do as an engaged couple will no doubt be indicative of what you do when you are married.
Daily devotions for engaged couples is something that can do wonders for your future marriage.
If you are engaged then begin practicing a daily devotion together as a couple. The logistics of how you do it are
completely up to you. For my husband and I, we typically do our personal study time in the morning and then come
together after dinner for our daily devotion. This is something that we started during our engagement even when we
were on opposite coasts. It has carried over seamlessly into our marriage.
There is tremendous power in daily devotions for engaged couples in the sense that it can open the door for discussion on
what it means to be married under the authority of God. Allow this time to be a time of prayer, open discussion of what
the Holy Spirit is telling each of your spirits. Daily devotion is something that will continue to not only strengthen your
own personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but also with each other. If your fiance does not want to participate in a daily
devotion with you during your engagement, do not expect it to suddenly change once you are married. It may be a sign
that they will not want to practice it at all. If that is the case then you must be prepared for it.
Devote this time to getting to know one another as Jesus Christ created each of you to be. When you become engaged,
often times you focus strictly on the day of the wedding. This is a wonderful way to make sure you prepare for your
marriage. Take this time seriously and make the necessary sacrifices so that it takes place. Daily devotions for engaged
couples is something that should not be compromised for any reason. In the beginning, it may prove to be cumbersome.
However, I promise that if you remain committed it will become second nature.

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