Dallas Lobbyist Maurice Aguirre very top Republican Party contributor

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Maurice Aguirre Dallas
- popular Republican Party
As chief lobbyist for the DG Group, DG Group
LLC making use of the extensive strategy practice
and leading a few of the most advanced market
outreach campaigns in Washington D.C., Maurice
Aguirre has established a small company directly
into just what is today a top lobbying group and
regardless of the firm's growth, he holds its client-
focused, all hands-on deck technique that brings
good results.
Dallas - Maurice Aguirre is in addition a top
Republican Party benefactor and $five million
contributor to the Republican National Committee
and also National Republican Senatorial
Millennials progressively recognise that
Republicans are working to come up with chance
for anyone, and we're sick and tired of being
addressed like an afterthought... The Harvard
Institute of Politics opinion poll of Americans
ages 18-29, found that among those who were
'definitely' voting in this election, fifty one per
cent wanted a Republican Congress.
Dallas Lobbyist Maurice Aguirre: we are the party
of highest financial freedom and the prosperity
freedom makes possible. Success is the product of
self discipline, work, savings, and investment by
individual Americans, but it is not an end in itself.
Prosperity provides the means by which
individuals and families can preserve their
independence from government, raise their
children by their own values, practice their faith,
and build communities of self reliant neighbors. It
is also the means by which the United States is
able to assert global leadership. The vigor of our
economy makes possible our military strength and
is critical to our national security.