Damp proofing

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Protecting what matters
Newton Damp Proofing Membranes

ystem 800
ewton S
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system 800
Newton System 800
Damp Proof Membranes and Ancillaries
Damp proofing
The proven solution to damp problems
Quick, clean and proven to work, Newton damp proof
`As a homeowner I would strongly recommend that anyone thinking
membranes offer permanent and cost effective damp
of waterproofing or damp proofing their property look no further than
proofing solutions.
Newtons - their products are excellent and this is coupled with first
class service
' g palazzo, london
Damp proofing overview
Why Newtons?
Damp proofing system
Newton System 800 is a range of
* Ideal for listed buildings as Newton
Newton damp proof membranes are
bba approved damp proof membranes
damp proof membranes are reversible
ideal for accommodating a number of
and ancillaries which are quick and
* Permanently treats walls affected by
finishes, as illustrated in the following
clean to install and offer a permanent
penetrating and rising damp
solution for damp proofing walls.
* Over 2 million metres of Newton 805
Newton 805 Newlath and Newton
Newlath have been used nationally
1 Newton 803
803 Newtonite meshed membranes
* Used in buildings such as Windsor
with battens
provide a firm key and impermeable
Castle, London Underground stations,
2 Newton 803
barrier on any damp or deteriorating
Houses of Parliament, Royal Courts of
with metal frame
surface ready for plaster, render or
Justice and St George's Hall Liverpool
dot and dab plasterboard. The un-
* 30 year product warranty
3 Newton 805 Newlath/803 Newtonite
meshed Newton 803 is used where
* Insurance backed guarantees available
with dot and dab
insulation requirements dictate the
when installed by our nationwide
use of a timber or steel frame ready
Newton registered installers
4 Newton 805 Newlath/803 Newtonite
for plasterboard. Newton damp proof
* Ideal for damp proofing all existing
with plaster/lime plaster/render
membranes are the ideal solution for
building fabrics and new build
listed buildings as they are deemed
timber framed housing
* bba certified
Newton damp proof membranes installed to
the walls of St George's Hall, Liverpool, to fit

the contours of the structure. The damp proof
membrane acts as a permanent barrier and
allows the damp walls to dry out

John Newton company history
Current Chairman Christopher Newton invented
Newtons product range continues to grow to
1848 established in London
Newlath - hdpe dimpled sheet membrane with
encompass products to deal with all aspects
brochure 1970's
heat welded nylon mesh
of commercial and domestic structural
Specialist supplier of plasterer's hair and
Business put on hold during the World War II
waterproofing, damp proofing and packaged
ancillary products for the construction industry
sump and pump stations
Company timeline
Newton damp proof
membranes have
a pattern of raised

Designed and produced the first physical damp
Newtons damp proof membrane business
Newton develop Newton System 500 full
studs which create
proof membrane `Newtonite' for internal and
flourished as uk housing stock was upgraded
basement waterproofing system. For above
air channels to
external damp proof applications throughout
to habitable accommodation with Newtonite.
ground damp, Newlath continues to be the
enable the damp
John Newton
the uk
During this period over 5 million metres of
industry leading damp proof membrane with
wall to dry out
circa 1848
Newton membrane sold
over 2 million metres installed in the uk

case study windsor castle
case study sutherland grove
Windsor Castle
Sutherland Grove
Treating rising and penetrating damp
Treating aggressive penetrating damp
Newton damp proof membranes can be sympathetically applied with
Newton damp proofing products are ideal for new-build and
little or no preparation to the wall surface required, thus maintaining
refurbishment projects. Newtons technical team can help with all
the structural and aesthetic integrity of the building. This makes them
aspects of damp proofing and waterproofing. Call 020 7237 1217
the ideal solution for historic and listed buildings.
to be put through to one of our experts.
Data file
Project description
Data file
Project description
Windsor Castle is the largest and
Newton 805 Newlath was the
oldest occupied castle in the world,
recommended solution for treating
Sector Heritage refurbishment
Sector Residential refurbishment
and the original castle was built in
penetration damp in this property. The
Client The Crown Estate
Client Berkeley Homes
around 1080. Recently, Windsor Castle
project entailed renovating an existing
Products used
had many problems with rising and
Products used
Grade II Listed three-storey school
penetrating damp. Newton 805 Newlath
building into luxury apartments. The
* Newton 803 Newtonite membrane
* Newton 805 Newlath membrane
and Newton 803 Newtonite were used
single skin brick building had been
* Newton 805 Newlath membrane
* Newton 800 Mesh Plug
as they provided the ideal solution to
derelict with defective pointing and as
* Newton 800 Mesh Plug
* Newton Mesh Tape
the problem as Newton damp proof
For technical information and product
a consequence had lateral penetration
For technical information and product
* Newton Mesh Tape
* Newton Mastic
membranes are deemed `reversible'
data sheets please visit our website:
of moisture across all elevations
data sheets please visit our website:
Key project factors
so can be used in Historic and Listed
Key project factors
rendering it uninhabitable. The building
buildings where there are strict
suffered from penetrating damp to
* Listed historic building
* Luxury apartment development
the external brickwork on three levels.
* Reversible product
* Penetrating damp made building
As a Listed Building, the facade could
* Conforms to conservation
With a building this size and this old,
not be touched and a sympathetic
there was no question of damp proof
* Newton 805 Newlath forms a
and `reversible' solution needed to be
provision being incorporated into the
permanent damp proofing barrier
implemented. Newton 805 Newlath was
original building, so the dampness had
* Quick application
specified as the most effective method
become severe. Newtonite was used for
* Protection from further moisture
of damp proofing, and it was quick to
remedial work at Windsor Castle in the
apply, making it the ideal permanent
1950's and Newlath has been used in
damp proofing solution.
many parts of the lower regions of the
castle over recent years.

fixtures and fittings
Fixtures and Fittings
Newton Waterproofing Systems
Total protection in five easy steps
Complete damp proofing and waterproofing solutions
System 100 Cementitious Products
System 600 Flooring Membranes
Newton System 800 damp proof membranes are quick and easy to install
Newton System 100 is a comprehensive portfolio
Newton System 600 is a range of hdpe and
and can be finished with a variety of wall coverings. Please refer to the
of cementitious products which have been
hdpp flooring membranes offering a complete
introduced into our structural waterproofing
damp proof solution for both commercial and
product data sheets and installation sheets for guidance on fixing the
range to complement and complete our
domestic flooring applications. As well as
membranes and the wall finishes.
basement waterproofing designs in areas where
providing protection from dampness within
the Newton System 500 would not be suitable.
the floor, our membranes `de-couple' the floor
Such details include - lift shafts, flat soffits and
finish from the substrate preventing damage due
Fitting of System 800 Damp Proof Membranes
externally to retained slabs and ring beams.
to substrate movement and cracking. Newton
damp proof membranes can be installed over
System 200 Deck and Roofing
existing and `green' concrete. In addition our
flooring membranes are a popular solution for
A complete range of externally applied
dealing with inherent hydrocarbons or ground
elastomeric high performance liquid membranes
gas problems. Newton flooring membranes can
and ancillaries for balconies, terraces, flat and
accommodate a variety of finishes including
inverted roofs, podium decks, car parks and
timber floors, screeds and direct tiles.
reservoirs. This new portfolio of seamless and
robust liquid membranes gives specifiers and
System 700 Liquid Applied Floor Coatings
specialist waterproofing contractors a quick and
cost effective solution to protect external areas
System 700 is a range of liquid applied
from water ingress.
protective and decorative internal flooring
National Installer Network
products. These products are fast curing and
System 300 Horizontal Drainage
available in a variety of colours, and are typically
Newton Registered Installers are
used for the refurbishment and protection of
Newtons range of hdpp and hdpe horizontal
trained and monitored by John Newton
commercial and domestic floors.
1 Cut the membrane to size
2 Place the membrane to the wall
drainage membranes provide comprehensive
& Company so that we have not just
protection of primary waterproofing layers such
System 800 Damp Proofing
the best damp proofing systems but
as Newton 201 RubberFlex. In addition they can
act as a filtration layer and also provide reservoir
Newton System 800 is a range of bba approved
the best specialist damp proofing
capabilities for specifiers who are designing
damp proof membranes and ancillaries
contractors to diagnose your problem,
green or turf roof projects.
which are quick and clean to install offering a
design your damp proofing system and
permanent solution for damp proofing walls.
System 400 Vertical Drainage
The meshed membranes provide a firm key and
install Newton damp proof membranes
impermeable barrier on damp or deteriorating
to the very highest standards. In
Newton System 400 comprises a range of
surface ready for plaster, render or dot & dab
composite membranes that include a dimpled
addition, Newton Registered Installers
plasterboard. The un-meshed Newton 803 is
core of hdpp or hdpe together with a filter
provide an insurance backed guarantee.
used where insulation requirements dictate
fabric that is attached to the core during the
the use of a timber or steel frame ready for
manufacturing process. When placed to the
Please contact us for a list of
retaining wall these membranes protect the
Registered Installers in your area.
primary waterproofing membrane from impact
System 900 Liquid Primers and Sealers
3 Neatly fold around corners
4 Drill and then fix with the fixing plug
and water pressure, diverting water down to a
For further information please contact
perforated land drain for removal.
Newtons high performance range of liquid
John Newton & Company
applied products are used in conjunction with
System 500 Cavity Drain Waterproofing
System 200 and 700 liquid membranes. They
t 020 7237 1217
act as priming agents for a variety of substrates
The professional's `waterproofing system of
e [email protected]
prior to the application of our specialist
choice', Newton System 500 is an internally
waterproofing and flooring membranes.
w www.newton-membranes.co.uk
applied waterproofing system based upon our
range of cavity drain membranes, drainage
Sump and pump
conduits and sophisticated pumping and control
systems. Unlike conventional `tanking', Newton
Newtons have an extensive range of submersible
System 500 is not attempting the almost
pumps and pumping ancillaries. We supply the
impossible and trying to hold water back, but
highest quality pumps available in each class,
places designed maintainable depressurisation
for the control of clean ground water, grey water,
voids at known weaknesses in the structure so
effluent or sewage. Newtons can also provide a
that ingressing water is simply captured and
wide range of specialist submersible pumps and
diverted out of the property.
sump chambers which can be tailor made for
5 Apply wall finish
Full range of ancillary products available
site-specific conditions.

John Newton & Co Ltd, Est 1848, is the
uk's leading independent supplier of
damp proofing membranes, structural
waterproofing systems, water control
and drainage products.
Newtons offer the best available, bba
certificated solutions for waterproofing
and damp proofing applications in
new-build and refurbishment projects.
Our range of structural waterproofing
systems, including cementitious
products, deck and roofing membranes
and liquid applied floor coatings enable
us to offer full waterproofing solutions
for a wide variety of projects.
Newton Waterproofing Systems control
and remove unwanted water from
leaking tunnels and underpasses,
railway arches, wet basements, flooded
cellars and damp vaults to make warm
habitable areas or areas suitable for
dry storage in both commercial and
domestic projects.
John Newton & Company
12 Verney Road
London se16 3dh
t 020 7237 1217
e [email protected]
w www.newton-membranes.co.uk
(c) John Newton & Company Ltd, May 2011