Datalogic PAL

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Datalogic Mobile
Windows based devices ready
for data collection out of the box!
> Configurable and easy to use data collection apps
> Language & Locale support with user defined fields
> Auto adapts to screen resolution
APPLICATIONS for Retail, Warehouse & FFA
> Asset Tracking
> Shelf Inventory
> Shelf Replenishment
> Order Management
> Create your own!
> Auto import into Excel, Notepad or host system
> Auto data transfer when device docks
Customization Services Available

Pal Apps included
Shelf Inventory
Asset Tracking
Perfect for performing a physical inventory or Quickly and easily take an asset inventory. Data
cycle counting in your store or warehouse.
collected includes location and asset.
Data collected includes location, SKU and
Order Entry
Shelf Replenishment
Place an order in the field to replenish stock. Instantly generate a pick list to replenish low shelf
Data collected includes site, order id, SKU
stock. Data collected includes store, shelf ID, SKU
and quantity.
and quantity.
Supported Device & Platforms
Memor, Elf, Pegaso, J Series,
Skorpio, Kyman, Falcon 44xx, Falcon X3
Pal Communicator
Pal Communicator is a PC application that allows the transfer of data between your PC and
Datalogic Mobile device. This utility also provides features for automatic data transfer, data viewing
in Excel, Notepad or any user defined host system.
Pal Communicator Requires .Net Framework 3.5 or better.
Supported OS include: Windows XP | Windows Vista (32/64) | Windows 7 (32/64)
For more information on Pal Apps and services available visit us at:
Specifications are subject to change. Please check for the
latest product specifications. For information on product use limitations, please refer to
the user manual available at
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