Dealing With Heartbreak: What You Can Do

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Dealing With Heartbreak: What You Can Do


f you're heartbroken at present, you're not alone. Everyone will go through a
breakup at one point. When you're heartbroken, you can experience a wave of
I sadness, rage, uncertainty, loss of self-esteem, and jealousy. Here are things you
can do to getting over a break up.
Don't stuff it down - The days or weeks following a breakup can be quite hurtful. It is
usually helpful to share what you feel with someone you trust. When you discuss your
emotions, many people will just instruct you to get over it. Conversing with a person who
seems dismissive of your feelings won't be of help. Converse with somebody who can
identify with what you are experiencing. If you find speaking to a friend or family
member concerning the breakup tough, writing can be an effective way to unload your
anger and grief.
Cry - Going through a breakup can be hard. It becomes even more complicated if the
breakup was bad. Whether you're man or a woman, crying can be cathartic. Don't
disregard your feelings. Instead, allow the tears flow.
Be healthy - When you're heartbroken, it can be very enticing to just stay in bed all day.
You may not want to eat, too. But doing these won't help you feel any better. Your heart
may be damaged, but don't let the rest of your body get broken, too. Don't skip meals or
resort to convenience food. A breakup can reduce the amount of pleasure-producing
endorphins in your body. Exercising can help boost your happy hormones, so make the
commitment of doing something active for at least half an hour every single day. No
excuses. Be sure to obtain ample sleep, too.
Be busy - Keeping yourself busy will help you deal with misery and grief. Rearrange
furniture in your room, try out a new hobby, or try a new sport. While staying busy
works, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't mull over what happened. Think about the


good and bad things about the relationship you had.
Learn from your mistakes so you can avoid the
same missteps next time around. If you want to
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Remove things that trigger memories - A breakup could indicate a new beginning. It
wouldn't help if you continue to keep things that remind you of him or her. As the saying
goes, out of sight, out of mind. So, try to look around your house and remove things that
trigger memories. Some individuals go as far as to burning these objects or donating
them to charity.