December 2009 Newsletter

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December 2009
Perth, Western
G’day friends and family :)
I will try my best to update this Newsletter every couple of months. ENJOY!!

my adventure so far :)
ministry that I was working with is called
Registrar. I Basically emailed people that
I left Saskatoon at 6:00am on October
wanted to join Staff and helped them get on
22 and I had layovers in Calgary, Los
the base.
Angeles, New Zealand, and then I finally
Then I took a 2 week course called
arrived in Perth Australia at 5:00pm on
Phase One. This course certified me to be
October the 25th. I was exhausted but very
staff under the Australian government.
excited to start a new chapter in my life.
Also, recently I took a week long seminar
I can remember always wishing to go to
on Evangelism. This seminar gave me a
Australia but I never thought that it would
completely new outlook on how to approach
actually happen. Now I find myself coming
back a second time and living here for 2
years! God’s plans for my life and much
bigger than I had ever imagined.
Since being here I have been involved in
a ministry on base called “Backbone”. WIth
an average of 350 people living on base at a
time, there are a lot of things that need to be
done for everything to run. That is a LOT of
take a virtual tour of
dishes to clean everyday! The specific
the Perth YWAM base

Perth is the capital
city of Western
Australia. It is the
most isolated city
in the WORLD!!!
*The waters of Western Australia are
*Some of the best and largest surfing waves
home to the largest fish in the
in the world can be found in Western
world. The Whale shark grows to
Australia's Margaret River region
13 meters long, is a harmless
filter feeder that is an awesome
*just over one million people.
Aussie Aussie,
'dive buddy'.
Oi Oi Oi!!
*Australia is also the smallest, flattest,
*Western Australia, with 12.5
lowest & driest (excluding Antarctica)
thousand kilometres of coastline, is
continent in the world.
the largest state in the Australia


tams. If you don’t know already, tim tams
My first HOT Christmas
are chocolate covered wafer cookies and
they come in a bunch of flavors.
Australia is known for their “tim tam
At YWAM Perth we highly value the
importance of family. We have about
slams”, which is where you bite a corner
380 full-time Staff members,
from each side of the cookie and then
including 60 married couples and 90
quickly use it as a straw for your coffee/
YWAM kids!
hot chocolate and then you slam the tim
Christmas was a huge celebration
tam back. mmMmmMm
at the base. We decorated it with lots
of lights and tinsel, and of course, a
Carols By Candlelight
few Christmas trees.
At first it was super weird to have
Carols by Candlelight was a Christmas
Christmas decorations up while it’s
concert in a park that we had put on for
+35 degrees outside, but once the
the community. There were 2 choirs that
festivities began, it started to really
sang some carols, the Christmas
feel like Christmas time.
message was shared, and we even had a
There was heaps of amazing food
performance from our Island Breeze team.
and we even had a huge game of
This ministry uses the cultural Island
“choose your gift”. Everyone had
dances from Hawaii, New Zealand,
bought a gift and stuck it under the
Samoa and others, to share the gospel.
tree. We drew numbers and that
It was great to truly embrace the
determined when you could go up
meaning of Christmas this year surround
and pick a gift to unwrap. You also
by friends and a family atmosphere. It
had the choice to “steal” somebody’s
was a great reminder of why I am doing
gift that was already unwrapped,
what I’m doing.
which mean’t that the other person

would have to pick a new gift. This
year some of the favourite gifts to
steal seemed to be coffee and tim
12 Days of Chrissie
On the 1st day of Christmas, my
true love sent to me
A kookaburra in a gum tree!
On the 2nd day of Christmas, my
true love sent to me
2 cockatoos, and a kookaburra in a
gum tree!
We had over
Three parakeets.........
350 stockings!
Four great galahs.......
Five opals black......
Six 'roos a-jumping........
Seven emus running.......
Eight koalas clinging.........
Nine wombats waddling........
Ten dingoes dashing.......
Eleven snakes a-sliding.......
On the twelfth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Twelve goanna goin, Eleven snakes
Ten dingoes dashing, Nine
wombats waddling,
Eight koalas clinging, Seven emus
Six 'roos a-jumping, Five opals
Four great galahs, Three parakeets,
Two cockatoos, And a kookaburra
up a gum tree!!!!!!!!

Youth With A Mission
YWAM is an international,
YWAM>>>> interdenominational Christian missionary
Basic Leadership School
organization. There are hundreds of
Biblical Core Course
thousands YWAM bases world wide.
Introduction to Primary Health Care
They operate in - evangelism, training
School of Frontier Media
and mercy ministries - by participating in
School of Frontier Missions (China focus)
evangelism locally and overseas, offering
School of Music in Missions
many training schools, and helping people in
Advanced Community Counselling
practical ways.
Children at Risk School
Everyone who wants to join YWAM must
School of Frontier Missions (Cities focus)
first complete the entry Discipleship Training
School of Worship
School (DTS). This is a 6 month course that
Birth Attendant School
Foundations in Community Development
There are different focuses on each DTS,
Art Evangelists School
but they cover the same topics. For example,
Doctors Reaching School
the Mediareach DTS incorporates
Bible School for the Nations
photography, videography, and computer
School of Evangelism
programs, into their classes.
Transformation School
Youth Ministry Training
Compassion, Young People, Crossroads
For more information please visit:
April, Europe, Mediareach, Surfers, July
Music, Sports, Megacities, October
Frenchie, and

Young People’S DTS
Starting January 3rd I will be Staffing
the Young People’s DTS (YP). The YP DTS
trains, disciples, equips and mobilizes
young people into missions. The school is
aimed specifically at 17-25 year olds.
Every 2nd years YWAM
Perth runs a program called
The first 3 months is called the “lecture
Megacities. Basically it targets
phase” and it’s all about personal
one major city with over a
application of truth and response to the
million people and we send
character of God. Topics include Character
outreach teams there all year
of God, Forgiveness and Repentance,
long. This year we’re targeting
Evangelism, Lordship, Relationships and
the world’s 2nd largest city,
the Father Heart of God. Every week there
Mexico City.
is a different speaker sharing on a topic
through lectures and application times.
The Celebrations
Jesus to do good works,
Then it’s 3 months of outreach where we
head out into the nations to make Jesus
which God prepared in
This year marks YWAM International’s
known through evangelism, discipleship,
50th Year and YWAM Perth’s 25th! We’re
advance for us to do.”
church ministry, worship, intercession,
very excited to have Loren (the founder of
*Ephesians 2: 8-10*
community development, music...
YWAM) and Darlene Cunningham join us
here in Perth for the Celebrations. God
Why young people? It only takes a
gave Loren a vision with waves of young
THANKS for taking the time to see
moment of exposure to this generation to
people moving out across the continent of
realize both the incredible potential and
what I’ve been up to! I hope to hear
North America announcing the Good News
vulnerabilities that exist in youth all over the of Jesus to the whole world. This was the
what’s going on in your lives, where
world. YWAM was founded (by a 21 yr. old)
beginning of what is now Youth With a
ever in the world you have ended
on the belief that God can use young
Mission. I can’t imagine what it would feel
up! I miss y’all very much,
people to change the world. Thats what the like to know that God has impacted millions
<3 Amber
YP is all about - young crew getting
of people through Loren’s simple choice to
together from all over the world,
listen and obey God. He was just an
encountering God and going out to our
ordinary 21 year old and God decided to
generation all over the map.
use him for something huge! That’s very
inspiring and encouraging for me as I join
There are 9 Staff on the YP this year.
the vision to make a difference in the world. **VIDEO UPDATES
Quenton and Hannah are from Australia,
Ben, Tanner, and Glory are from USA,
“For it is by grace you have been
Gillian is from Northern Ireland, Landry,
saved, through faith—and this not
Scott, and I are from Canada. There are
from yourselves, it is the gift of God
about 50 students that will be joining us for — not by works, so that no one can
the 6 months.
boast. For we are God's
workmanship, created in Christ

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