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Puzzle Book
Solve Puzzles!
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To build a quantum computer, we need to solve puzzles.
They aren't weird quantum puzzles. They are just like the
ones you solve all the time. So help us out!
Each puzzle has a grid of numbers.
They come in groups that add up to
a multiple of 10.
There are two ? squares. You just
need to work out what's in them
(if anything).
Here's the full solution for the example
The bottom right has an 8 in need of a
2. But nothing is nearby. So the bottom
left ? square must hold that that 2.
The top left has two 8's. They need a
nearby 4 to give us 20. So the top left ?
is a 4.
This example had simple groups. Mostly just pairs that add up to
10. But the groups can get more messy, as in the example below
The numbers don't need to touch to be in the same group.
But the further away they are from each other, the less likely they
are to be in the same group.
For example, look at the 7 and the 3 below. They are quite far
from each other, but neither has any other friends nearby.
So they belong together.
A final word of advice. It is possible that either ? square can be
empty. They can even both be empty!
Now we have over 100 puzzles for you to try. Once you've
finished, you'll know more about quantum error correction than
we do! So come and tell us scientsists how to do our job at
Do it before the end of 2016 and you could even win a prize!