Defective Products – A Look on Some Notable Examples

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Defective Products - A Look on Some Notable Examples
Defective products are consumable and commercial goods that are general y hazardous. Children's toys, motor
vehicles, food products, and electronic equipment are a few examples of consumer goods that are often
recal ed due to product defects.
Children's Toys
In the US alone, there are cases of product defects that are found in children's toys. In the early 2000s, Burger
King released plastic container toys that resemble Poke Bal s as part of their promotion. Because of its defective
product design, the toys were identified to be a suffocation hazard.
Toys that are identified to contain lead may result to increased risk in lead exposure and poisoning. The Curious
George 12-inch plush dolls as wel as the Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway toys that were in the market in
2007 were both identified to contain lead.
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There were also cases where there are defects during the manufacturing process. A notable example is Bindeez
or Aqua Dots. It was discovered that a toxic chemical was substituted for another production component.
Motor Vehicles
Motor vehicle defects are one of the common causes of road accidents. A common defect in motor vehicles is
due to its parts that were used during the manufacturing.
The Ford Motor Company is known to undergo several recal s due to product defects. In 2000, the said
company recal ed tires for the Ford Explorer SUV. During the period of 2004-2005, the Ford Powerstroke Diesel
engines were identified to stal due to defective wirings.
Toyota also released cars that eventual y shown defects, including the defective accelerator pads and software
that results to delays in braking in 2010, as wel as the failure tire-deflation monitoring systems in early 2011,
although there were no accidents and injuries that were sustained.
Also in 2011, the Honda Motor Co released 700,000 cars which were identified to stal due to the engine
design. There were no reported accidents and injuries that were related to this product.
The most extensive case of food product defect happened in 2009. It involved the Peanut Corporation of
America, where the peanut butter and peanut paste products were identified to have been exposed to
salmonel a. As these products were sold in bulk, there were several consumer products that were affected,
totaling to 3913 different products from more than 361 companies.
Electronic Equipment
In the field of electronic devices, the most noteworthy defect was in 2006 when Sony notebook batteries were

discovered to overheat and cause fire. This resulted to several recal s from other manufacturers who were using
Sony notebook batteries, including Del , Apple, Panasonic, Toshiba, Lenovo, Hitachi, Fujitsu, and Sanyo.
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