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Delightful Dubai
Travellers are flocking to the Middle-East, a place that provides both culture and luxury. Dubai is a
beautiful place which exquisitely combines modern technology with rustic charm. Dubai is a perfect
holiday destination and this can be viewed in the increasing number of international flights that travel
to and from here. Dubai is especially brilliant for Indian travellers not only because of the sights and
attractions it has to offer but also because the flight tickets are both available and affordable. There
are over 13 daily flights from Mumbai to Dubai.

Dubai has a lot of various attractions and a blooming hospitality industry which caters to almost every
individual's wants. Listed below are some of the best places to visit and things to do while in Dubai.
Those with a penchant for shopping should definitely pay Deira Old Souq a visit. As you walk past
the various stalls the heady scent of spices fills the air, the sun reflects of the myriad of gold jewellery
displayed in the shops and the racks of clothes seem endless. Reserve at least an afternoon to take in
this experience; chat with the shop keepers, haggle for the best deals and steer clear of those fake
watches, they never look as lovely once you reach home.
A visit to the Oriental Hammam will help release all the tension you may have bottle-up. A
Moroccan-style bathhouse, this place promises an afternoon of pampering. The steam baths, entire
body exfoliation, facials and massages, will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
The desert safari provides a stark contrast from the daily hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city. A
sturdy vehicle allows you the opportunity of experiencing the vast, endless desert sand in an entirely
novel way. The best part of this safari is camping out at night and observing the twinkling stars, a
natural wonder often forgotten in the city.
It is said that one is happy when one is full, and Dubai seems to have taken that philosophy to heart.
Every Friday almost every restaurant in town offers a brunch buffet where the food is diverse and
copious. The choices are vast ranging from Argentinean to North African. Bait Al Wakeel is known
for its traditional Middle-Eastern food and its scenic view. Located near the Dubai Creek, this
restaurant allows guests to eat scrumptious seafood and mezze platters while gazing upon the gentle
cerulean waves. For a more Mediterranean twist you can visit La Petite Maison, a relatively new
French Restaurant which has been the talk of the town. Be sure to make a reservation for some
delectable Onion Tarts and Ragout.
If you are short on time Dubai has various guided-tours which take up only half a day. Most of these
offer a pick and drop service and cover almost all the major sights. For those who prefer less
conventional modes of transportation there are other ways of experiencing the city. These include a
ferry, seaplane and hot-air balloon.
A flight from Mumbai to Dubai takes an average of 3 hours and 20 minutes. Various sites such as and offer some brilliant deals on international flight tickets.