Dental Equipment Market by 2016

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Global Dental Equipment Market worth $6.1 Billion by 2016
The "Dental Equipment Market (Dental Radiology, CAD/CAM, Dental Chairs, Dental Lasers)
Current Trends, Opportunities & Global Forecasts Uptill 2016" published by MarketsandMarkets,
analyzes and studies the major market drivers, restraints, and opportunities in Americas, Europe, Asia,
and Rest of the World.
Browse more than 120 market data tables spread through 226 pages and in-depth TOC of "Dental
Equipment Market (Dental Radiology, CAD/CAM, Dental Chairs, Dental Lasers) Current Trends,
Opportunities & Global Forecasts Up till 2016".
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This report studies the global dental equipment market over the forecast period 2011-2016.
The dental equipment market consists of devices used in diagnosing dental diseases/conditions and
treating the same. These include dental chairs, hand pieces, CAD/CAM systems, scaling units, instrument
delivery systems, dental lasers, intra oral and extra oral radiology equipment, and CBCT scanners.
Emerging technologies will have a great impact over the growth of the market, as these will help reduce
the overall turnaround time for dental procedures and also improve the efficiency of practitioners. For
instance, introduction of CAD/CAM technology has considerably reduced the designing time for dental
prostheses like crowns and bridges and 3D imaging techniques have improved patient diagnosis and
procedure planning.
Increasing incidence of oral diseases and significant transitions in oral care needs, such as patient
preference for painless diagnosis and surgeries, will drive the growth of the market for dental equipment.
Technological innovations in the field of imaging and radiology will facilitate quick and effective diagnosis.
The growing ageing population is the major consumer segment for this market, due to increasing rates of
oral diseases and edentulousness in the same. Also, rising demand for cosmetic dentistry further fuels
market growth. The increasing number of dental clinics and practitioners enables end-users to avail of
dental care services at a larger level, thereby boosting the global dental devices market returns.

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