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Dentist mill creek wa
Benefits of Dental Crowns or Implants If this is the initial step for you considering
dental implants, there are exciting steps ahead involving plenty to discuss. Finding
a dental crown and implant expert is the first step toward your permanent tooth
replacement, however, preparing with some basic knowledge before Dentist mill
creek wa your first consultation never hurts.
The it comes to dental crowns and implants, there’s no one-size-fits all option
that’s going to work for everyone. There are some types that are more commonly
the right choice, although, you cannot predict what might be best for you until you
have met with an implant Dental implant dentist in mill creek wa. Learning a little
more about different types of dental crowns and implants prior to your consultation
will help you engage in an educated discussion. We want to make sure that you get
all the answers you need in order to feel confident as you start the implant process.
Basics of a Dental Implant Implants are typically made of titanium and act as posts
that connect the jaw bone with accompanying dental restorations. Implants replace
lost tooth roots to form new foundations for tooth replacements. Implants are
surgically placed in the jaw bone, where they form a natural connection with the
surrounding bone tissue over time. Through a process called integration, an
implant becomes part of your natural jaw structure. Because implants require a
certain environment to succeed, there are a few candidacy requirements. If you
don’t meet these criteria at the outset of treatment, there are ways to prep for
implant placement don’t rule out implants until you’ve been examined by a
professional. Some requirements include: Dentist mill creek wa
• Adequate bone tissue at the implant placement site
• No gum disease present in the mouth
• Sufficient oral health
• Sufficient overall health for implant surgery
• Commitment to the healing process to ensure that implants heal properly and
integrate successfully
Dental Implants Options
There are a few different ways that implants can be placed, depending on patient
• Endosteal implants – Placed in the jawbone, in the Dentist mill creek wa most
common implant procedure. Shaped like screws, cylinders or plates
• Subperiostal implants – Placed under the gum tissue but not within the jawbone.
Appropriate for patients with a shallow jawbone who aren’t able or willing to
undergo the traditional implant procedure.
In addition to differing procedures, there are other options for implant specifics
different sizes, heights, and widths. Your implants will best suit your needs and
make it possible for you to attain implant success. Varieties of Tooth Implants
• Traditional – Right for those with recent tooth loss These implants are placed in
the jawbone, embedded in osseous tissue. After placement, they will need time to
heal and properly integrate with the bone. Next, an abutment will be placed to
connect the implant and the final restoration. A successful implant will remain in
place for decades, and for many patients’ entire lives. Some patients can’t
complete the entire process due to health or time constraints, Dental implant dentist
in mill creek wa other preferences in which case the following options may be
more appealing.
• All-on-4 Right for those who have experienced bone loss These implants are
placed in the strong, thick bone at the front of the jaws. This bypasses the need for
a bone graft to augment areas from which bone tissue has been lost. Depending on
the patient’s present bone tissue, it may be extremely helpful to skip the bone graft
process and move forward with implant placement.
• Mini implants – Right for those looking for a less involved procedure These
implants are smaller than traditional implants but have the same structure
otherwise. They can support the same restorations that other implants support
crowns, bridges, and dentures as well. But their smaller size means that your
implant placement will be simpler and the healing process will be briefer.
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