Dependent Variable Examples

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Dependent Variable Examples
Dependent Variable Examples
What is a dependent variable?
Dependent variable define as the variable whose value is based on the value of other
variable in its equation. That is the value of dependent variable is always said to be
dependent on the independent variable of math equation.
For example, consider the equation y = 4x + 3. In this equation the value of the variable
`y' value changes according to the changes in the value of `x'. Therefore the variable `y'
is said to be as dependent variable. Some of the examples that involve dependent
variables are discussed in detail as below with their solutions.

Dependent Variable Examples
Below you can see the solved dependent variable examples -

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Example 1:
Find the value of y in the fol owing equation, y = 3x2 + 2x + 4 when the value of x is
equal to 3.
Given equation:
y = 3x2 + 2x + 4
Now substitute the value of x as 3 in the given equation
y = 3(3)2 + 2(3) + 4
Solving the equation we get,
y = 3(9) + 2(3) + 4
y = 27 + 6 + 4
Y = 37

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Therefore the `y' is said to be as dependent variable and `x' is said to be as independent
Example 2:
Find the area for the fol owing:
a) Circle when radius `r' = 3 cm.
b) Rectangle when its length (l) = 6cm and its breadth (b) = 4 cm.
a) Area of the circle (A) = r2
A = (3)2
A = x 3 x 3
A = 3.143 x 3
A = 9.429
In this area of the circle the variable `A' is said to be as dependent variable and the
vari able `r' is said to be as independent vari able.

Examples of Independent Variable
Examples of Independent Variable
In an algebraic equation, independent variable means a variable whose values are
Independent of changes. In the values of other variables. If y is dependent variable then
x is said to be independent variables.
For example, take x and y are two variable in the given algebraic equation. Here every
value of x is definitely connected with any other value of y, then y value is said to be
function of x value is called as an independent variable and y value is called as a
"dependent" variable. y values are depending upon the values of x values.
Therefore, y = x2
It means y is a dependent variable, Is the square of x value is independent variable.
What is an Independent variable ?

In a word, Independent variable means a variable whose it determine the values of
other variables.

Examples of Independent Variable
Below are the examples on Independent Variable -
Example 1 : Solve the equation 5x+4y +8 =0
Fine the coordinate of vertexes of lines and the x axis in the polynomial.
Given 5x+4y +8 =0
Substitute x = 0 in the given equation we get,
5(0) +4y +8=0
Subtract 8 on both sides we get ,
4y + 8 - 8 = 0 - 8
4y = -8

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