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Orlando, FL Leading Orlando web design company, Designzillas, announced the official
launch of their new and improved website last Friday, June 14th. The site was released
after months of hard work, dedication and the most intense design skills the Central
Florida area has seen.

"We wanted to create an experience for our users that was above anything else they've
seen before on the web. The hard work and dedication that our team put into the
creation of DZ `13 definitely reflects our passion for web design and our commitment to
our clients," said founder and CEO of Designzillas, Johnny Hughes.

Over the past 6 months, Designzillas has seen a true evolution. With the addition of 7
new members, the team grew from 13 to 20 `Zillas, bringing in new talent and fresh
perspectives to an already ferocious group of web and mobile app experts. Their eyes
have been set on evolving along with the fast-paced tech industry around them. Each
member of the team focuses on staying up-to-date with industry trends and techniques
to make sure that they bring the best of the best and the very latest to their clients and

The Designzillas team brought this philosophy forth when designing and eventually
launching their new DZ `13 website. Last updated in 2010, the old site needed some
work. The company itself has grown so much within the past few years that the new
website and the new brand needed to reflect that. Designzillas knows how to make a
splash with their clients, but it is time to show the rest of the Orlando area just what they
are made of.

With the release of DZ `13 came the new and improved Mr. Zilla, the company's lovable,
bright green mascot. Users will see him popping up everywhere, celebrating various
holidays and birthdays on Designzillas' Facebook page or getting dressed up and
residing over the booth at the Orlando Business Journal's 2013 Business Growth Expo.
The team doesn't go anywhere without him.

Along with a new and improved mascot, Designzillas' new website (DZ `13 as it has
become known) features responsive web design. According to a recent Pew Internet &
American Life study, 56% of American adults now own and regularly use a smartphone
day to day, not to mention the myriads of tablets, personal computers, and other
devices available. The desktop computer is no longer the only game in town.
Designzillas was determined to keep their customers, who are constantly on-the-go,
connected to a website that is accessible cross-browser and cross-device. The new site

recognizes any device and any screen, no matter how big or how small - it molds itself
to give the user the best experience possible.

The launch of the new DZ `13 was a rewarding experience for the Designzillas team.
They were able to show their clients and partners just how much they had evolved in
the past three years, and it gave them a chance to show off their experience and
passion for their craft. The new site has also graduated from the much-used Drupal 6
platform to the new Drupal 7, which takes advantage of modern improvements to both
browsers and coding techniques to serve up customized content on demand based on
device capabilities.

DZ `13 marks an evolution in the brand and possibilities of Designzillas. As the company
continues to grow, users should expect to see even more features and easter eggs
added to the website in the coming weeks and months.

Hughes expressed, "We hope that our users have as much fun with DZ `13 as we had
creating it. We are definitely proud to show it off to the internet."
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