Details About Praveen Chandra

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Details About Praveen Chandra
Praveen Chandra is CEO and founder of business called Wireless One, Inc. located in Chatsworth CA. He
started the business while at his schooling being a distributor of paging products.
He had started the telecom distribution business while attending to schooling. The company distributes
Motorola, Samsung, Huawei, HTC and LG mobile phones. They also manufacture premium wireless
accessories with partners in Asia with global distribution.
He is a great personality, he started the company with only employee and now he spread his business over
100 employees with offices in 3 states now having global distribution.
In 2004, Praveen Chandra (CEO of Wireless One) started a commercial real estate company which
acquires, develops and manages single and multi-tenant commercial buildings. Now he own and operate
multiple building across Southern California.
Praveen Chandra is a magnificent business man in Southern California. In 2009 he began to acquire and
renovate distress commercial properties for lease and resale. They continue to acquire and renovate these
types of properties.
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