Determining the authenticity of a diamond

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Determining the authenticity of a diamond
Diamond is the most precious and adorable gem in the world. It is needless to say that diamond
is a perfect gift to the most loved ones. However, determining the genuineness of a diamond is
quite a difficult task. Most of the buyers lack the idea in connection with the quality of the
diamond they buy. Existence of sham diamonds, proves to be a great threat to the business of the
diamonds. Both, the buyers as well as the sellers fall prey to the losses that occur owing to the
subsistence of the substandard diamonds.
Gaining awareness of the standards that determine the quality of the diamonds, is highly
essential, so as to evade the loss in the later stage. The organization in question that verifies the
standards of the diamonds, is Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The latter is the esteemed
institution that offers the most authentic services of gem testing and grading.
Right from its inception GIA is committed to serve the trading fraternities with its priceless
services. GIA operates with an endeavor to defend the customers, together with the traders from
the inferior diamonds. The institution is in possession of the most sophisticated laboratories to
the bear out the cut, color, clarity and carat of a diamond. Followed by a great ordeal the quality
of the diamond is assessed by the experts the institution.
GIA maintains certain standards strictly in evaluating the diamond. The institution's scheme of
evaluation is followed worldwide, as the standard testimonial. GIA includes various
distinctiveness of the given diamond in the testimony. The features are namely contour,
dimension, carat weight, shade, cut, finesse, smoothness of the surface, equilibrium in the sketch
out, fluorescence, clearness.
GIA prepares the report in an impartial mode and the purchasers of the diamond can rely upon
the report. The diamond purchasers are advised to check the official document of GIA, prior to
making their purchase.
Almost all the wholesale merchants of diamonds rely upon the certification of GIA, for their
business. That implies the diamonds verified by the institution has the entire requisite qualities.
GIA has its branches throughout the world and therefore, the validity of its grading report is
recognized round the globe. Apart from evaluating, GIA is indulged in research activities and
also educates the people in need of in-depth knowledge of the diamonds. Thus, buyers can go for
the GIA certified diamonds, undoubtedly.
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