Detox Diet -MEDIA RELEASE - Australian actor develops healthy energy drink and weight loss programs that fit customers to a 'tea'2

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February 2013

An Australian born former TV actor and model turned businessman has developed a new
green tea energy and weight loss drink that couples with a professionally developed weight
loss program to help customers lose weight effectively. After starring on shows like Home &
Away, E Street and appearing in commercials for Levis and Coca Cola, company director
Steve Trinder developed his product, GreenTea X50, after his own long and personal weight
loss battle which he won after going on a rigid green tea diet.
Tribeca Health's offering revolves around a product made from a super strength green tea,
which in clinical studies has been shown to stimulate the oxidation of fats while raising the
metabolic rate and increasing energy levels. Research has found that flavenoids, particularly
EGCG found in Green Tea, helps the body to stimulate metabolic function and burn body fat
through a process called thermo genesis. This helps lead to a decrease in body fat,
subcutaneous fat and waist circumference, as well as additional reductions in total and
visceral fat.
The company's Green Tea X50 has been produced to provide all of the positive effects of
drinking substantial quantities of green tea without any of the negative side effects caused by
overconsumption of caffeine or fluids. Research shows a very high consumption of green tea
also helps improve cardiovascular health by improving endothelial function and has been
shown to assist with regulating cholesterol levels. In addition to its effect on blood fats,
epicatechins found in green tea are powerful antioxidants that may also help lower blood
pressure. And with up to 20 cups of regular green tea in each serve, sugar free Green Tea
X50 gives you the perfect amount of antioxidants.
While this product is the cornerstone of the company's business, Tribeca Health's customers
are also provided with a fail proof weight loss programme that has been put together by Miss
World body building champion and weight loss expert, Anne Marie Laserre. The `Accelerated
Weight Loss Program' outlines the necessary diet and exercise patterns that, when
implemented in tandem with Green Tea X50, will help customers to shed kilos successfully.
Founder of Tribeca Health, Steve Trinder, says many weight loss products are being sold
without any of the extra assistance that sustainable weight loss requires.
"There are a number of businesses in this sector that are promoting their products alone as a
magic cure for weight loss without support or health advice to accompany them," Mr Trinder
"It doesn't matter what weight loss remedies or products are available, the strongest chance
of success will come from knowing which foods to eat at the right time of day that actually
promote weight loss. The full regime of using Green Tea X50 and following our Accelerated
Weight Loss Programme will give you long term weight loss results.
"Tribeca Health's programs have been developed over a number of years from extensive
research in collaboration with leading personal trainer, weight loss expert and current Miss
Universe body building champion, Anne Marie Laserre, who is a legend in the weight loss

field. The Accelerated Weight Loss Program which accompanies Green Tea X50 is aimed at
helping our customers to achieve long term weight loss as well as all-round health benefits,
rather than quick fixes. Other companies charge hundreds of dollars for these types of
programmes but we decided to give it away free to our Green Tea X50 customers "
Mr Trinder says a substantial number of studies have proven the benefits of green tea
consumption for those that are trying to lose weight.
"Research has found an interaction with the active ingredients of green tea that promotes
increased metabolism and fat oxidation. It also helps our clients with diabetes, high blood
pressure, cholesterol and has a whole range of health benefits, "Mr Trinder says.
"The findings al point towards the notion that the herbal remedy, which is a certified super
food, has substantial implications for weight loss and weight control.
"With this in mind, I set about finding a way of harnessing all of the good properties of green
tea in such a way that allowed users to consume small amounts while still achieving results
that would only otherwise be possible through drinking large quantities of the drink.
"Each serving of Green Tea X50 contains the antioxidant equivalent to drinking 20 cups of
regular green tea, allowing users to get all of the benefits of concentrated consumption in a
single, convenient serving. We have made X50 a great tasting and refreshing drink that is all
natural, sugar free and comes in 4 great flavours and is easy to take anywhere. You just mix
a sachet with 600ml of water twice a day to get all the antioxidant and fat burning benefits.
Mr Trinder says he formed Tribeca Health to offer a healthy weight loss alternative for
Australians who are struggling with their weight.
"Weight loss is about lifestyle and knowledge and there are too many products on the market
that stand alone without supporting health advice or regimes to assist in the weight-loss
"The key to weight loss is good metabolic function so you are burning all your food as energy
and not storing it as body fat--with Green Tea X50 you get these results.
"But it is important to know the right types of food to eat at what time of day to do so in order
to maximise weight loss."
Mr Trinder says they formed the Tribeca Health VIP club to educate his clients with all the tips
and secrets to achieve long term weight loss and promote all the ways customers can
manage their weight-loss effectively.
"Aside from providing the Green Tea X50 solution, we promote healthy eating, exercise and
ways to stay mentally positive to members of the VIP club. We also give you healthy recipes,
low GI and vegetarian meal plans as well as exercise routines from Miss World herself" Mr
Trinder says.
"We have tailored our VIP program to ensure that our customers receive the support they
need and are able to see their weight loss goals right through to the end.
"In partnership with award-winning athlete Ann Marie Lasserre, we have developed a range of
health and weight loss tips and guides for our VIP club members which will allow them to
achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
"Many products and schemes in the weight loss sector fail to recognise that achieving results
requires a holistic approach--I feel, through our combination of products, advice and support,

that we're able to ensure customers get the most out of their efforts to live a healthier

For more information on Tribeca Health or Green Tea X50 visit the website at or phone 07 5597 0800.