Diabetes Herbal Treatment - Honest And Unbiased Review

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Diabetes Herbal Treatment - Honest And
Unbiased Review
Diabetes is an insidious disease that, if left untreated, creates crippling
complications and kills silently without warning. Diabetes can be type 1 or
type 2. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body cannot use insulin produced
by the pancreas or when there is insulin deficiency. Allopath prescribes diet
restrictions and tablets or injections of insulin.
India's ancient system of holistic health,
ayurveda, approaches a different path to bring
relief in type 2 diabetes. It acts on the body
organs, chiefly the pancreas and liver, to
revitalize, re-energize and reactivate them. The
pancreas produces sufficient insulin and the
liver can metabolize sugar effectively. As a
consequence blood sugar levels are maintained
at their normal level and liver function improves.
The best herbs specified in ayurveda for
diabetes are Jawadi Kasturi, Aamla, Haldi, Jamum, Gurmar, Nimb and
Subhra bhasm. All these herbs are combined in one powerful formulation
Diabec capsules, that claims to bring relief to patients suffering from type 2
diabetes. Diabetes is no joke and patients cannot afford any trial and error
since their blood sugar level would drastically change without adequate
control. Diabec manufacturers claim diabetics can safely take these without
any fear. The prime function of Diabec capsules, according to the
manufacturers, is to improve function of pancreas and regulate blood sugar
levels. It is not surprising that Diabec works considering that:
1. Gudmar is a well known herb containing gymnemic acids and saponins
that regulate blood sugar levels;
2. Turmeric is a known revitalizer of liver and kidneys;
3. Neem contains Asadirachtin, Numbidol, Nimbin, quercetin, salannin,
gedunin and meliacinolin. The last named is an alpha amylase and alpha

glucisidase inhibitor that in turn improves body's response to insulin and
also liver and kidney functions;
4. Amla is tonic, cell restorer and builder, rejuvenative, a vehicle for other
herbs to act even better and it also regulates blood sugar, keeping a
person fit and active even in old age;
5. Jamun is another well known herb effective in regulating blood glucose
levels and improving carbohydrate metabolism.
There are dozens of ayurvedic herbal pills for diabetics but how efficacious
they are depends on the selection of right herbs and availability of active
ingredients in the pills. Diabec claims to be formulated with care for
maximum effect.
An ayurvedic doctor specializing in managing diabetes was roped in and
his patients were given Diabec capsules sufficient to last for three months.
They were advised to take one pill in the morning, one before lunch and
one before dinner. All were diabetics taking some medicine or the other.
Each was advised to temporarily discontinue whatever medicines they
were using and rely only on Diabec. In case they felt severe effects due to
discontinuation of medications they were advised to stop taking Diabec and
go back to the previous medications. After three days they were asked to
report. Not a single patient said they were feeling the effects of diabetics on
discontinuation of regular pills and starting the Diabec cycle. They were
asked to continue. After that they were checked each week with lab test for
blood sugar and urine. The tests showed blood sugar within tolerable
levels. They were asked how they felt. Each said they felt noticeable
improvements in terms of increased vitality and mental focus after Diabec
Note: As a precaution only those patients were chosen who were on
diabetic pills, not on insulin injections.
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