Diamond Pricing

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The Diamond Registry provides transparency into wholesale diamond
prices. We are a major international diamond distributor, serving
thousands of jewelers and diamond dealers worldwide. We are the
diamond industry's source for the finest hand picked certified wholesale
loose diamonds and now with our web site, the same low "diamond
industry only" diamond prices are also available to the you and the
Our service streamlines worldwide diamond sales and supply so you can
easily and quickly purchase or sell every quality, size and shape of
diamond to fit your needs.
The value of diamonds is calculated depending 5
parameters: first the Shape (round family or fancy
family), then 4 other parameters known as the 4C, the
Cut (proportions), the Carat (weight), the Clarity and
the Color of the diamond. The diamond prices can go
from 10 000$ for a 2 carat diamond to 70 000$ and up
for a 3 carats diamond or bigger stones.
How much is it going to cost?
What are the real diamond prices?
Let's have look on the price variation comparing
some 2 carats diamond prices and some 3 carats
diamond prices. In this comparison chart, the same
round diamond shape is used to better understand
the price variation. The price would be slightly
different if we use another shape like an Emerald
Cut Diamond.
As you can see only one parameter can change a lot of the diamond price,
so it's better to know a least your budget or what kind of diamond you exactly
want to find. Some specific fancy colors are cheaper than others, that's why
Black Diamond Engagement Rings are much more affordable.
The world's most comprehensive diamond price
and information platform. Helping individuals to
find the perfect diamond, buying directly from the
source at wholesale prices.