Diamonds - What Are The 4Cs And Why You Should Know Them

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Carat - The weight of the diamond. one carat equal to 0.20 grams. A carat is also sub divided into
factors, where 100 equals 1 carat. How big a single diamond increases it is worth, so 2 half-carat
diamonds taken together wont cost as much as 1 one-carat diamond. This really is due to the fact
that the one-carat stone is more rare.

Colour is the next attribute in the 4 c s equation. It identifies the perceived color or more
specifically absence of color in a diamond. With the exception of "fancy coloured diamonds", the
more colorless the diamond is, the more valuable it is. Diamonds within this colorless range are
the most rare and precious of all of the colours.

CLARITY: Clarity in a diamond depends on how "clean" it is, meaning how best it is on the
outside and inside when seen with the naked eye and with a loupe (a 10x magnifier). Request
your jeweler to allow you use their loupe when it comes time to select your stone.

The diamond's cut is a large part of why it shines so brightly and looks so wonderful. A perfectly
cut diamond reflects the light back up toward the observer's eyes, creating the diamond to look
bright and glossy. If a diamond is cut "shallow," or the distance from the dining table to the cutlet
is shorter than it should be, the light will be reflected away and the diamond will be less amazing.
Similarly, if the diamond is cut too deep, the light will shine from the pavilion and will not make the
top (table and crown) appear vibrant and wonderful.

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