Diet for Adjustable Band Surgery

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Adjustable band surgery
Diet for Adjustable Band Surgery
Diet is the most important aspect after adjustable band surgery and it becomes
imperative to strictly follow the post operative diet after adjustable band surgery as
to avoid some severe complications such as band erosion and slippage. It is very
important to follow the diet instructions you will be given right from the start
following your surgery.
The first few days just after the surgery are most important and the patient has to
depend only on liquid diet like water. You can take tea, black coffee with low-
calorie sweetener, broth, non-carbonated beverages with few or no calories, Herbal
tea. Carbonated beverages like soda should be strictly avoided for the first three
months after lap band surgery, as it causes excessive gas resulting in bloating and
increase in the size of stomach.
The second phase starts after 4 to 5 weeks of surgery and the patient is fed on semi
liquid diet that usually consists of protein shake, soups and fresh fruit juice.
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Adjustable band surgery
A pureed food is most suitable such as baby food that should be given thrice as
small meals during a day. It should be continued for almost two weeks. Gradually,
the patient can digest tenderly cooked food that has been well pureed such as
pureed meat, protein in any form, vegetables and salads. However diet rich in
carbohydrates and starch should be strictly avoided.
It is better to include Soft egg, hot cereal, and Skim milk as breakfast. As lunch and
dinner the suitable diet is Pureed meats, Pureed vegetables, Pureed fruit or custard.
Fruits and Vegetables can be started with 1 to 2 serving on daily basis. After
adjustable band surgery, the patient should not be given heavy meal as the stomach
is unable to hold much food and hence the complete meal should be divided into 3
to 4 small meals to be taken at regular time interval for easy digestion.
Some foods that need to be avoided as adjustable band surgery diet are vegetables
rich in fiber like sweet potatoes and celery, fruits like grapes and nuts, spices like
pepper, cinnamon and garlic. In some cases it has been seen that lap band patients
are unable to digest milk so as a substitute, other milk products like cottage cheese
can be given as a supplement for calcium and protein.
You should Keep this in mind that intake of diet rich in calories will reduce the
chances of adjustable band surgery to be successful for weight loss. Thus it is
essential to follow the diet plan positively and discuss this matter with your
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