Difference Between 4X and 4C

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Difference between Huawei Honor 4c and
Huawei Honor 4x
Huawei is one of the largest mobile manufacturers available in the Indian markets with various
models. This company hasserved thelove ofthe mobile thirstto theindividuals withtheir most
updated versions and launching excellent smartphones and featured mobiles in market with
updated technology. Here we are going to see the differences between Huawei Honor 4c and
Huawei Honor 4x whichwere released in October 2014 and April 2015 respectively.We are glad to
mention that Huawei Honor 4c was announced for release in October 2014 and has won
appreciation for its specifications. While Huawei Honor4X isan updatedversion released inthe
year 2015 in themonth ofApril. Thoughwe find thereare manysimilarities inthe specifications
and features of the variants, here we can see the differences between the two models.
Huawei honor 4C Vs honor 4X
Huawei honor brands have many similarities and here are the differences between the two
gadgets. The OS for both the smartphonesis Android(4.4) EMUI 3.0UI.Comingto the dimensions
of the mobiles, Honor 4c dimensions are 5.64*2.83*0.35 inches in other words
(143.3*719*8.8mm). The Honor 4x dimensions are 6.02*3.03*0.34 inches(153*77*8.6mm). The
weight of the 4C is around 5.71 oz (162g) while 4Xweighs around 6.00oz (170g)with themain
body as plastic.
The display isanother prime source which should be seen before buyingthe gadget. The display of
honor 4c is 5.5 inches screen with having 720*1280 pixels resolution, 294 Pixelsper inch(PPI), and
IPS LCD technology. The honor 4x’s sizeis having6 inches whichis a bit more than HuaweiHonor
4C but the pixel density is 267 ppi, a bit less than Honor 4c. The technologyof Honor4x is also
based on IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen. Thescreen tobody ratio of Huawei Honor 4c is66.93%
while, it is 70.86% in honor 4x. The colors and multi-touch screen of both the modelsare same
along with light sensor, proximity sensors.
There are slight modifications in the camera featuresof these gadgetregarding Smiledetection,
Voice activation in Honor4c; restof thefeatures such asFace detection,Autofocus, aresame in
both the models. Self-timeris aspecial featureof Honor 4xmodel. Theshooting modeof Honor
4C is Burst mode, Special Effects while Honor 4X shooting modeincludes Panorama, Macro mode,
Scenes Effects too. There is video calling facility in Honor 4X
The hardware of the Honor 4c has a Mali-T450 graphic processor while Honor 4x posses ARM
Mali-450 MP4 graphic processor. The maximum user storage of Honor 4c is 3.4 GB while it is
lacking in the other model.
The stand-by time of Huawei Honor 4c is around 3.3 daysin short it’s around 80 hours but there is
no stand-by-time in the Honor 4x model. The capacity of the 4C isaround 2550mAh while, itis
3000 mAh in the 4x model gadget.
The music player plays a vital role in any of the androidphones and in Honor 4c musiccan be
filtered by Album, Artist, playlists while, along with this inclusion of Genre is there in Honor 4x
model and also possess FM to entertain the audience.
Technology plays a crucial role in choosingthe gadgetswhere FDD LTE 1800 (band 3), 2100(band
1), 2600 (band 7) MHz in Honor 4x with 1900 (band 39), 2300(band 40),2500 (band41), 2600
(band 38) MHz.
Speaking about the data of the 4c HSDPA+ (4G) 42.2 Mbit/s, HSUPA, UMTS, EDGE,GPRS while
Honor 4x has LTE Cat 4(150/50 Mbit/s), HSDPA+ (4G) 42.2 Mbit/s, HSUPA, EDGE,GPRS. Coming to
the navigation of the gadget in 4c there is general navigation and in Honor 4x Turn-by-turn
navigation, Voice navigation is available.