Difference between laptop and notebook

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Difference between laptop
and notebook

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The world has reached a stage where computers have revolutionized our day to day
activities. With the invention of computers we have reached the other planets and
conquered the moon. The first computer the world saw was bigger than a room. But no
one would have ever thought we would invent laptops, just as the name laptops are
small and portable computers which you can use as powerful as any desktop
computers. Then there came a change and notebooks were invented. So a question
may arise in your minds that what is the difference between a laptop and a note book.
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In the laptops the DVD -Drives and accessories can be present in an integrated
fashion, where as in note books this is not possible. The notes books are not integrated,
but it can be attached externally. The note books processing power is very less when
compared to a laptop. The laptop has an effective cooling system where as the
notebook does not have an effective cooling system because of the less processing
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There are not all companies which produce both laptops and note books or I can say
laptops are manufactured by all major companies like apple, Dell, Lenovo, Acer,
Samsung, Sony, Compaq and all major companies .Whereas note is not manufactured
by all companies than a few like Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Dell. Laptops are more

powerful and come in high processing power than a notebook. Laptops are used as a
powerful computer in all major companies where as notebook is a personal computer
basically used for home purpose. Notebooks are good for children in doing their projects
and just for net surfing. Laptops are small and compact and as its name can be used in
lap and do our work, Note books are more smaller than a laptop and more portable.

This article about laptop vs notebook, the world has reached a stage where
computers have revolutionized our day to day activities.

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