Difference between Metallic and Non-Metallic Paint for Vehicles

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Difference between Metallic and Non-Metallic Paint for
In spray painting vehicles, the owner has the option to either use metallic paint or non-metallic
paint. What is the difference between these two types of paint and what would suit your vehicle
Basically, metallic paint is the shiny paint, while non-metallic is the matte version. Generally
speaking, metallic paint types are seen more in cars and SUVs than in bigger vehicles such as
buses and trucks. The preference is driven by various factors to be considered by the user.
The Difference
Metallic paint incorporates very small pieces of metal that gives sheen to the paint finish. The
paint allows for better light reflection, giving the effect of a brilliant, shiny finish. The metal
fragments are mixed with the paint itself.
Non-metallic paint provides a matte effect when used on vehicles. As opposed to metallic paint,
there are no metal fragments in the paint solution so it appears to be one solid colour.
Metallic paint is commonly applied to new cars, giving them that cool factor that every car
owner would like to see on their vehicle. With proper lighting the metallic paint gives off that
sparkling, shiny finish that makes the car look grand. Generally, it is more commonly seen in
smaller vehicles such cars and SUVs because of the owner's preference for a shiny car exterior.
Although some car owners do go for a matte finish, a greater percentage of car owners prefer the
"new" effect of metallic paint.
The higher costs associated with metallic paint makes their application limited to personal
preference of the car owner. In larger vehicles like buses, coaches and trucks, the matte paint is
the more practical choice. Because large vehicles are mostly run for a business, cost efficiency is
important. It would be too costly to use metallic paint to a fleet of vehicles when there is really
no need for the vanity in it. It would also not be suitable to use metallic paint for large vehicles
as it would cause unpleasant shine and light reflection from such large vehicles.
Maintenance is another factor. While metallic paint is very good at hiding imperfections, it is
also more difficult to repair when it gets damaged. This is not a quality that businesses would
like to deal with.
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