Difference between Website and Web Application Development

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Difference between Website and Web
Application Development

There are many my friends who use term `website' and `web application' interchangeable without
knowing the differences between them. So let's discuss the differences between website and web
application in brief.

Website is used to refer to a location that host several pages that are often on the same topic. The
website is accessed with the use of URL(Uniform Resource Locator). On the other end, a web application
term used identifying a program or application that run and used on separate computers.

A web application can exists in the internet or across the local network, intranet, VPN among other
things. When a web application available on the internet, it is often hosted as a separate page on a
website. A web application is more resource intensive compare to the website. Perhaps that's why it is
more difficult to create a web application in compare to website. Website has mostly static pages with
low interactivity while web application is made up of lots of dynamic pages with highly interactivity.

You can create static website with HTML while for web application you should know more than HTML
i.e. other languages. The list of languages includes Java, Javascript, DHTML, Silverlight, PHP, and AJAX. It
is also necessary to know two or more of these languages in order to implement server side scripts that
process the data and client side scripts that format the information on screen.

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