Differential Equations and Mathematical Modelling

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Differential Equations and Mathematical Modelling
Differential Equations and Mathematical Modelling
A mathematical model for any system is the description of that system which
uses the mathematical concepts related to the differential equation and some of
the languages.
This process of modeling is called as the mathematical modeling and when we
use differential equations and mathematical modelling together it is called as
the mathematical modeling of the differential equation.
We use the differential equations in the process of the modeling of the
mathematics. To build the model we go through some of the process:
Step 1: We clearly include the all assumptions for the model. These
assumptions describe the relationship between the quantities used in modeling.

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Step 2: We describes all the parameters used in the model. Step 3: Now we
uses all the assumptions to find the model which relates the parameters and
An antiderivative can be defined as an operation opposite to differentiation
operation or we can say that to find antiderivative of a function we have to find
the integral of that function. Suppose we have a function.....
Integration using u-substitutions
ntegration by U substitution is a process used to simplify the integral
expressions. U substitution can only be applied to one type of integral, that is.-
f(x)*d/dx(f(x)). We can apply this rule only .......
Exponential Growth and Decay
Exponential growth and decay are some of the real world problems and it
includes all those problems which increases or decreases exponential.
Generally the exponential growth of any mathematical function occ...Read More

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