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We live in a world that breathes technology. Having said our goodbye to the simple times
today we have entered the world of scientific complexities and high end machinery. Given
such a scenario which is driven solely by the advancements in the field of science and
technology, it is paramount that we carry out our work processes with utmost perfection and
system. A counter is something that counts, quite literally, and hence a digital counter is an
electronic device, which counts the occurrence of a particular event and show cases the
results digitally as well. Digital counters are
the product of the applications of sequential
The simplest example of a digital counter could
be digital alarm. Then, we have various high
end digital counters like computer memory
pointers and a lot more. Digital counters,
clocks and watches are actually omnipresent in
our day to day life. Digital counters can be
seen in microwaves, ovens, VCRs, in various
automobiles while testing it, etc. The utility
solved by digital counters is to count, both in
the forward loop and in the back ward loop. As
an industry obsessed with precision and
digital counters
towards the safe experimental conditions and helps the scientists to record the precise
readings. It can be daunting and cumbersome to count all of the reading manually and
hence the Digital Counter are used ever so often in various industries.
The construction principle of the Digital Counters
As mentioned above, the Digital Counter is based on the sequential logic. The most
common type of digital counter is primarily a collection of flip flops, where each and every
flip flop represents a digit or is the representation of the number in the binary system.
Although, there are various differences in the digital counters, but fundamentally they are
all very much alike. One of the easiest ways to build the Digital Counter is by creating a
ripple counter, also known as asynchronous digital counter.
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